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4 Kitchen Trends to Consider in 2017

4 Kitchen Trends to Consider in 2017

A kitchen is a heart of every home. It’s the room where you prepare meals for your family and experiment with new recipes. Additionally, it is one of the first rooms any potential buyer is going to inspect, should you decide to sell your house. This means that, aside from being able to customize it to your own needs, improving your kitchen will also boost the resale price of your entire home. With this in mind, here are four kitchen trends you might want to consider in 2017.

Quartz worktop

Another thing you may want to consider getting is one of those amazing quartz worktops. They come in different colors and textures, which means that it won’t be that difficult to make it fit in with your kitchen design. Furthermore, as the material is non-porous, it won’t allow the bacteria to develop and therefore infiltrate the food you are preparing. One last thing, it is incredibly simple to maintain, since you can just wipe it clean after you are done using it. Still, keep in mind that, for everyone’s safety, you should probably avoid cleaning it with commercial cleaners and use home-made solutions instead.

Compact storage and slide out elements

This particular trend is bound to become favorite for all those who don’t have much room in their kitchen because it is extremely space-efficient. First of all, you need to think about the storage space in your kitchen, and you have to pay attention to both style and practicality. Deep drawers and tall larders are all the rage in 2017. When combined the right way, they have a particular way of creating that wow-factor you were looking for all along. As for the slide out worktop, while it may not be as aesthetically pleasing as the above-mentioned quartz worktop, it will sometimes be your only choice.

Gas cooktops

Finally, instead of going for a traditional electric smooth-top range, you might want to think towards gas instead. Even though difference in speed isn’t that great, gas cooktops still have a slight edge, which is something that a lot of people know how to appreciate. Furthermore, when it comes to the precise temperature control, gas cooktops again tend to be superior. As for the cost of the appliance, gas cooktops tend to be a tad more expensive but this mostly depends on the particular brand you want to go with. In the end, you need to think about the installation and repair as well, which means that going with a reliable brand, such as westinghouse appliances, is a good decision.

The best thing about the above-listed kitchen trends lies in the fact that they bring improvement in three major fields. First of all, they make your kitchen much more pleasing to the eye. Second, they make it easier to maintain and finally, they make it more efficient. A true win-win-win scenario if there ever was one.

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