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5 Things You Have To Do Now If You Want To Improve Your Fitness

5 Things You Have To Do Now If You Want To Improve Your Fitness

There are lots of reasons why someone might want to improve their fitness. You might have a physical job that is getting a bit tough right now. Or maybe you want to be more active with your partner? Perhaps you’ve simply hit that wall blocking your progress with your current workout plan? Don’t panic. No matter what your situation, you can still make improvements and give your fitness levels a boost. Try one of these five things to get you started:


Time is often a really big obstacle for everything we want to do more of! If you know your workout routines are lacking a bit because you don’t have time to do more, then make the time. Give up something else, or simply get up twenty minutes earlier. It’s amazing how much of a difference one short extra workout a week can make. So go on – ditch your favorite TV show, choose jogging around the block over the twenty-minute commute to your gym, or set the alarm a little earlier.


Bad habits can seriously impede your progress. Some, like smoking and drinking, can actively harm your body. If quitting is tough for you, find ways to ease yourself away from the habit. If you’ve tried vaping and didn’t get on with it, try modding to improve the experience. Have a look at for the three different ways to try this. As for all those foods and drinks you shouldn’t be indulging in? Quit one for a week. Then quit a second. Keep this going and feel the difference inside.

Check Your Clothing

Sometimes all it takes to achieve a better time is a better pair of shoes! Make sure you have the best pair of running shoes for your running style. Choose tops and leggings that support your body and help you develop the best posture for the workout. Use strapping like the stuff described at if it helps. The body does wear out you know! And if the cold and rain put you off that extra workout, buy some wet weather running wear, so you don’t suffer.

Make A Friend

You don’t actually have to find new friends, but it can help. Sometimes that element of competition can push you on. And you’re more willing to impress new friends and push yourself to keep up! Find new running or workout partners that won’t take any nonsense from you. No more excuses and no easy runs. Just push on, get the job done, and enjoy some fresh conversation.


Stretching is one of the best things you can do to warm up, cool down, and strengthen your body. Aim to stretch out every morning when you wake up and every evening before bed. As for the rest of the day? Enjoy a lunchtime stretch before you eat, and make the most of a good couple of stretches at your desk during the day. You’ll start to find your stamina improves because you won’t feel as stiff and achy anymore. You’ll be boosting your circulation too which can help your recovery times. What are you waiting for?

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