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In Business, One Is The Magic Number!

In Business, One Is The Magic Number!

Outsourcing is the major buzzword that has been making the rounds over the last couple of years, for one very simple reason, it’s because it leaves your business with a lot less to actually do in-house, this means a lot more peace of mind in many respects. But, is this actually true? Why do people outsource, when they can do so many things in-house? This can mean a lack of consistency in the company, but for all the negative press that surrounds outsourcing, the best way to approach it is to pick one area to outsource. Here is why you should do this.

Keeping Your Reputation

As we know, businesses in the modern age are under heavy scrutiny. This means that standards have to be impeccably high in every deal you make. So, by picking one area to outsource, especially at the start of your business life, this means you are taking more control over the image that you present. So by picking the one area to outsource, this means that there is a lot less that can go wrong. A good example is the call center environment when it is outsourced to another company, and the customer is none the wiser that the person they’re speaking to is not in the business, that sense of consistency will help to keep your reputation intact.

One Outsourced Company = Easier Working Relationship!

When you are outsourcing every aspect of your business, so much so that you are unable to keep track of your relationships with these external companies, it can be a difficult situation to claw back. Relationships with your outsourced companies mean that you need to pick the more sensible aspects of your business for you to outsource. So, when you look at a company like Athens Micro, they have cloud services, VoIP, security aspects, the cover the whole technological rainbow, in essence. By picking one company to outsource, doesn’t mean you need to pick just one aspect. If you have one outsourced company that can deal with a lot of aspects, it is easy for you, and you have one client to deal with. This means that you can maintain that relationship far easier than bye working with a handful of clients.

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The Importance Of Collaboration

We need to learn more from others, and by outsourcing to one other company that has this comprehensive knowledge, it serves us as much as it serves them. Yes, we are paying for their services, but it’s our business that is taking priority, so if you are paying for a service and you are not getting the service you require, it’s time to start collaborating to make it better for everybody concerned. This may mean that you have a lot to learn, or this may mean that they have a lot to learn. Either way, working with one company makes this far easier.

Cost Efficiency

When it comes to doing financial planning, it will always be a constant worry. So, when you are outsourcing to a third party, it can feel like a big gamble, but if you pick your third party correctly, this means that you will be saving a lot of money.

So, by picking one area to outsource, or by going to just one client or third party, you are benefitting your business in so many different ways.

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