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Keeping Yourself Safe at Work

Keeping Yourself Safe at Work

No matter what your job is and whether you love it or you hate it, you still need to keep yourself safe in regards to it. You need to protect your rights. You need to protect your wellbeing. You even need to protect yourself physically. To see just where you might need to specifically protect yourself when it comes to the world of work, and how to do it, make sure to read on.

Keeping yourself safe from colleagues

The majority of the coworkers you work with in your life will be okay. The majority you will get along with and be able to work alongside reasonably well. Some, you may even forge a good enough relationship with to be able to go out together after work hours. But, there will be some colleagues and coworkers of yours that do not fall into any of these categories. Some of the people you work with over your life will not be so nice, and some will even try to sabotage you or your place of work in order to benefit themselves. And, you must protect yourself from this type of toxic person or group of people!

To do so, the first thing that you should ensure is happening in your workspace is that nobody is allowed a free ride within it. You should ensure nobody is benefiting from the work you or others do. You should ensure nobody is allowed to ride off of the coat strings of others. No, you shouldn’t allow this to happen as this is the first sign of both a lazy colleague (which is something else you need to be protecting yourself against) and one that is willing to take the easy route for business success at the expense of others. What you should do is ensure that anybody that you perceive to be working off of or claiming success off of the work of others is forced into a position where they simply must do their own work and must show the results of their work themselves; this could mean ensuring all the work you and your good colleagues do is hidden from the toxic colleague at all times. Something else that you should do is ensure that rumours, especially those that are malicious, are quashed at all times. And, something else that you should be doing — probably the most important thing that you should be doing — is ensuring that you do not disclose any important information about your life, both in and out of work, with toxic colleagues as they might just hold it against you. 

In fact, you must always keep an eye out for toxic colleagues who are quite blatantly abusing others, even if you are not the one who is subject of the abuse. You should so so because, one, it is the right thing to do, two, you will show yourself to be somebody who cares about the welfare of their colleagues, and three, you will help to stop the bully in their tracks before they are given the chance to turn their attentions to you.

Keeping yourself safe against injustice

The world of work is full of more than just toxic colleagues, however. Yes, it is also full of injustices, too. Specifically, it is full of injustices that can cause you and your family great distress when you are completely guilty and not to blame for a single thing.

One of the biggest injustices that are cut in this ilk are workplace injuries. Simply, workplace injuries do happen, and more often not they can be traced back to a fault that is completely not your fault. For instance, if you were to fall on a wet floor at work when there hasn’t been a wet floor sign placed upon it, and subsequently hurt yourself to the point where you cannot work or earn money, then this would mean you have been subjected to an injustice. And you must fight this injustice! You must fight it by not being afraid to embark on a personal injury lawsuit and reclaim all the money you have lost because of your inability to work. By doing so, and by getting yourself a good lawyer backing your case, you will give yourself the best chance possible of reclaiming all the earnings you lost and, more importantly, not letting yourself be abused by injustice.

Another injustice that you should both look out for and fight when you are afflicted by it is intellectual property theft. What this entails is a great idea on your part to either make yourself or your business some money stolen by somebody else. Now, this could be the aforementioned toxic colleague doing the stealing, or it could even be your boss. But, simply, no matter who steals your money making idea, you should fight them. You should fight them by taking them to court, just as you would if you were physically harmed, and fighting for the money and recognition you are owed for the venture. And the recognition is more important than anything, specifically getting it when you are owed it. This is because without getting the recognition you deserve you will make it harder for yourself to progress in our career, and this will hold you back. And do you really want an injustice to be the thing that holds you back?

When we are younger and preparing for the working world, we do not take into account all the injustices that we may meet along the way. We do not consider that we will face toxic colleagues or even bosses as we progress. We do not necessarily think about being subjected to intellectual or physical injustice as we make our way through our careers. But, these things happen. And, as seen above, we must fight them! We must not stand for others getting the best of us or inflicting us with stresses that are caused by no fault of our own. So, remember to take the advice above into account the next time you sense a bit of injustice in your place of work.

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