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Take Your Project Management Skills To The Next Level

Take Your Project Management Skills To The Next Level

Lots of moms trying to restart their careers struggle to know how they can best describe their parenting break on their resumes. There is no wrong or right way. In fact, for some, the idea of having to justify the choice is just distasteful. Whatever your feelings on the matter, getting back into a good career can still be a challenge. So what have you learned over the last few years?

Chances are you have become an excellent multitasker. Your organizational skills are second to none. And you’ve mastered the art of scheduling to fit in the most varied of tasks and projects. You are, effectively, a highly skilled project manager. So why not take those well-practiced abilities and make a career from it?


There are several qualifications you can take that are recognized and valued in most workplaces. They can be achieved online in your spare time, or you can take a high-level postgraduate course in a year at a University. You will find out more about the duties and responsibilities of a project manager. Much of what you will learn will be based on case studies. Of course, you can draw on your own experiences a lot too.

Would you go back to college to give your career a boost?

What does a project manager do?

Ultimately, you would be responsible for scheduling and ensuring everyone on your team has the time and the tools to do the job. In commercial settings or engineering centers, you might also be involved in Asset Performance Management. This is often provided by sophisticated software applications. They’re designed to handle large quantities of data. As the project manager, you’ll be in charge of coordinating the third party suppliers and service providers. You’re the one that makes sure projects are completed on time.

I’m a mom not an engineer!

If all this sounds like a massive leap from being a stay at home mom, then you’re right. But it should give you an idea of how far you can go with a formal qualification and some industry experience. All of this stems from your natural abilities to manage projects! Dare to dream. You never know how far you can go until you set your sights high!

next level

Working with new people and managing a team.

Where should you start?

Start by jotting down all the things you juggle on a daily basis. It will soon become a pretty long list. That should give your ego a boost! You’ve organized, planned, and budgeted for family vacations. Think back on all the school projects you’ve been involved with. Have you ever worked as part of the PTA? What about helping with the school sports program? And how about that time you contributed to the school dance? There are undoubtedly dozens of examples where you’ve taken on a project and turned it into a success. So write it down! Make up a portfolio of everything you’ve done. Any employer or college applications office is bound to be impressed.

Today you’re a full-time mom. But in the not-so-distant future, you might also be a project manager for a big multinational corporation and earning a six-figure salary. Don’t undersell the skills you use every day doing the toughest job on the planet!

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