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10 Quick and Easy Money-Making Hobbies Nowadays

10 Quick and Easy Money-Making Hobbies Nowadays

You can make money with just about any hobby, you just have to figure out how to turn it into cash and it doesn’t feel like a job if you love doing it just work with your passion and turn it into a lucrative one.

Imagine being able to create or do what you love all day and you make money out of it the same time and grow out of it. The good news is, there’s a bunch of way to learn new things online as well nowadays to turn into a hobby.

Here’s a few crafty ideas that you can start with:

1) Create greeting cards – Whether writing a heartwarming poem or a sweet nothing, these greeting card companies will pay people to send their one-of-a-kind greeting cards. Requirements vary from each companies for as long as it’s originally yours, submit it and then wait to hear back. Isn’t it cool to have your ideas in print and they pay $50 to $300 per idea!

2) Create Jewelry – If you create and design jewelry, you can learn how to organize your jewelry business successfully.  Jewelry can be profitable because it is wearable art that can express an individual’s personality.  Also, jewelry can be made from various materials – such as clay, wood, metal, leather, and felt – and can be worn differently.

3) Write eBooks & Teach eCourses – Writing an eBook nowadays is one of the most prolific hobbies anyone can do to make real money. You’ll find so many blog websites or digital marketplaces like JVZoo and Clickbank or to Amazon and eBay to sell your eBooks.

Check out Teachable to create and sell beautiful online courses as well with the platform used by the best online entrepreneurs which sell $50m plus to over 4 million students worldwide!

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4) Make Vinyl decals –If you have a computer with vector-art-making programs and a vinyl cutter, you can design stickers for anyone – including children all the way to adults.  There are so many options to make with stickers; get creative as you can include fun and colorful images or have meaningful messages, quotes and sayings.


5) Graphic Design – More and more businesses online are in need of graphics for their logos. You can use free web apps like Picmonkey, Pizap, LogoGarden, Designmantic, Canva, Logomaker and GraphicsSprings to create logos.  Then, you can join a marketplace for freelance services like Fiverr, to create a gig for your service.  Or better yet, you can create your designs and sell them at DeviantArt, BigCartel and 99Designs.

Crafts blog

6) Knit and crochet clothes and accessories – Millions of people love knit and crochet products and there are thousands of patterns that you can find online and tweak.  You can share your creative designs and style through Etsy.  The products can be clothing, accessories, toys, and party favors.

7) Make your own graphic tee shirts – You can create tee shirt designs from the comfort of your home by uploading your artwork or creating artwork with your computer.  Your tee shirts can be custom-made with text, images, and pictures. 

Here is a link to my list of 30 Companies to Make Money by Designing T-Shirts. 


8) Repurpose clothing –If you look inside your closet, you can probably find many items that other people can use.  You can sell your items out of your garage or, more conveniently, through a second-hand online shop.


9) Candle making – Scented candles can make any room feel welcoming and warm.  If you make candles, you can earn a full-time income with your products.  Candles scents can be inspired by the changing seasons and holidays or can help to create a mood in any home. 

Here is a list of websites that will help you along the way on how your hobby can make you money!


10) Soap making –If you are curious about making soap or have been thinking about trying it, there are many online resources to help you get started and it is a wonderful way to express your creative side while providing your family a product that is actually useful and lucrative.  You can make soaps in different sizes and use different scents.


Turning your hobby into a business can be just as exciting and fun, especially when it can now be done online.  You can market your products through your social media – such as Facebook – and use online marketplaces – such as Etsy. If you wish to sell them online, I created a list of 32 Marketplaces Online to Sell Your Handmade Crafts to help crafters and artisans make the most of their crafts/products.  You just have to sign up for a new account, create your product list, and then start selling!

Don’t forget to make short videos that you can put on YouTube.  You can use your mobile phones or better yet a webcam or flip cam and share them real time!  You’ll definitely be surprised how many people will love, like, and subscribe to it.

Lastly, if you really plan to venture into an online business, then be sure to obtain all the necessary licensure and business insurance and seek out your local small business administration for guidance. Look up free workshops to help your business move along.

Bonus! To share, learn and grow…check out and join this Facebook Group:  Beginner Soap Making

I wish you good luck with all the plans you have in mind in the future! Happy Creating!

Let me know which on the list works for you by commenting below!

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