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3 Great Places to Buy Property in Canada

3 Great Places to Buy Property in Canada

Oakville and Hasting-Sunrise are two suburban areas in Canada that are experiencing property value growth. Oakville is a suburb of Toronto and Hastings-Sunrise is on the outskirts of Vancouver. Property owners can expect great schools, safe neighborhoods, and a lower cost of living while in the burbs.

If you’re looking for a place with more of a cosmopolitan feel to life, consider moving to the nation’s capital. The average closing price of a house in Ottawa is about $425,000, which is pretty affordable when compared to the capital of other nations.


Oakville is a suburb of Toronto, and it is known for its growing property values. The properties in Oakville are the third most valuable in the Greater Toronto area. Out of 23 suburbs, it is the 13th fastest growing area and the 14th fastest-selling area.

Growth is used to talk about the change in sales price compared to the year before. In July of 2019, for example, homes for sale in Oakville Ontario had a property value increase of 3.2% when comparing July 2019 values to June 2019 values. Oakland’s property value is up 7.5% from last quarter, and from the beginning of 2019 value is up 2.5%.

There are also a variety of things to check out near Oakville. BMO Field, the home of the Toronto Football Club is about a half-hour drive from this area. Niagara Falls, a famous waterfall is a one-hour drive from Oakville.


Hastings is a small neighborhood located in Northeastern Vancouver. Although values are down from last quarter and last year, the sale value is up 11.6% when comparing July 2019 to June 2019. Houses in this area are also the second most in-demand, and half of all houses are sold in under ten days.

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Homes in Hastings-Sunrise are also in demand right now, and more than 50% of homes that go on the market are sold in under ten days. This neighborhood also is one of the most affordable in Vancouver.

In Vancouver, the Capilano Suspension Bridge allows visitors to get breathtaking views of the Capilano River. People are 70m. up, and the scene created with the evergreens surrounding the river is breathtaking. Also, Granville Island is another attraction, and it is a shopping and tourism center.


Ottawa is the nation’s capital and although there is a decrease in value when comparing July 2019 property values to figures from last quarter, and the start of the year, property values are up 20% when compared to June 2019.

The nation’s capital has a lot to offer first-time homebuyers. There are a variety of cultural sites, schools, institutions of higher learning, along with the well-developed infrastructure that makes this area great for families and retirees alike.


Each one of these three markets offers prospective buyers something different. Oakville allows people to enjoy a more suburban lifestyle. Hastings-Sunrise gives homeowners a small-town feel while living in one of Canada’s busiest ports.

Finally, Ottawa enables people to live in a big city, but without a higher cost of living. Whichever place you end up looking into, they all offer some of the best value in the nation for their respective locations.

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