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3 Simple Ways To Create A Cohesive Team

3 Simple Ways To Create A Cohesive Team

If you have recently launched your own money making venture in an effort to go it alone and sock it to the man, the chances are you are feeling very alone at the moment. Your office colleagues are gone, there’s no longer any banter in your working life, and you have no one to rely on but yourself. Creating your own startup is a difficult task. However, more people than ever are choosing to resign from their full time jobs and take more control over their own careers by starting their own businesses. If you are launching your own startup, you will eventually expand to hire a team to work for you and your company. Take a look at how you can create the most cohesive team possible.


Because your team is so small initially, it pays to look for personalities that will work well together rather than becoming seduced by swanky qualifications and decades of work experience. You need to mold your team around you, so youth and enthusiasm is worth way more than years of working for a competitor. To begin with, you may only hire one or two extra people to work alongside you. You need to get along with these individuals, so ensure that you get along on a personal level. Do you share the same sense of humor? Do you bounce ideas off each other? Can you have a laugh in stressful times? You can gauge this at interview so ensure that you probe with appropriate questions and get a feel for the candidate’s personality.

Recruitment Agency

If you aren’t sure where to start when hiring staff, consider using the services of a recruitment agency. These specialist firms already have a wealth of talented individuals on their books who could slot into your team effectively. You can sit down with a consultant and give them a specific person specification for the ideal candidate. You don’t have to surrender all hiring control, as you will still conduct an interview and make the final decision over who you employ. Recruiting can be an arduous process so a recruitment firm can save you time and effort.

Candidate Quality

If you are hiring a number of staff all at once, you need to ensure that they get along in order to work cohesively. Instead of single interviews, set up group sessions where you can chair debates, ask them to work together on a short presentation, or set a few in tray exercises. Have fun with these days and keep it informal so that you can see the true personalities of the candidates. As you whittle down your favorites, learn more about using a tool like Checkr to carry out relevant background checks. This will ensure that you hire people with a clean criminal record who have greater levels of integrity. This is especially important if your startup works with vulnerable people or children.

Being an entrepreneur is tough, but it is hugely rewarding. Follow this guide and you will create a cohesive team to drive your venture forward.

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