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30 Simple Steps to Get Famous on YouTube

There is a whole lot of advantages of being YouTube famous. Many people have dreamt about this- but how to achieve this task, they don’t know. I assure you, it is not as easy as you think. Like all other things, it requires zeal, constituency and above all giving your viewers the content they want.

Some other attributes that must be in your arsenal to be a successful YouTuber are creativity, technical skills, persistence and maybe some helps from established YouTubers.

Follow me as I show you the step by step ways to get famous on YouTube:

  1. Peruse the resources on the YouTube Creators Hub to acclimatize yourself with how the platform works. There are updates available in the hub that will assist you on your YouTube journey.
  2. Know what you what to produce and upload a video about. This will require you doing keyword research and getting various ideas on what you intend to work on. An example of where you can get trending and original ideas is to check out the hashtag #PopularOnYouTube.
  3. Originality is key. Be yourself and be personal with your audience. Show them the real you and who knows; they might fall in love with your unique personality.
  4. Your first concern should be delivering value contents; success will come later. Don’t make the mistake of putting the cart before the horse.
  5. Be unique and different. People want something different and better than what they currently have.
  6. Quality video is essential. Learn how to use video editing programs for your video works. This will make your viewers take you seriously.
  7. Shorter is better when you are just starting, as far as the video delivers what it promises. Longer videos are boring and often have lower views.
  8. High-quality content is vital. Ensure that you cover all this aspect in your content. Everything, including the clothes and other things put into the video creation.
  9. Don’t rush in building momentum. Rome isn’t built in a day. Take your time to have at least ten videos before promoting your videos and YouTube channel.
  10. Journey into vlogging after having a couple of videos on your YouTube channel. Make sure that your vlog videos are creative, informative, high quality and funny. This will kick start your vlogging career, and you are on your way to being famous.
  11. Try everything to get featured by a YouTube editor when you have at least one video of yours with a good number of views. A key path to success is to get featured by a reputable editor in your niche.
  12. Consistency matters as a YouTuber. If you are uploading once or twice a week, keep at it and do not disrupt your schedule.
  13. Inform your viewers about when you are dropping your next video. Either put this as a caption in the current videos or on the video description.
  14. Give all your videos SEO friendly titles and descriptions. This will drive organic traffic to your video and give you more views. Check online on how to write SEO friendly YouTube video titles and video descriptions.
  15. Encourage your viewers to subscribe to your channel to watch your previous content anytime they like or get notifications for new materials. Do not be pushy about this.
  16. Your tags will probably make you stand out from everyone else. Make the tags as specific and descriptive to your content as much as possible.
  17. Video thumbnails is a crucial attribute of your YouTube videos. Make them interesting to have more views of your content.
  18. Try to engage your viewers and form a genuine connection with them. Engagement is the best way to get personal with them; to answer their questions or solve their problems. Also, encourage them to follow you on other social networking platforms.
  19. Pitch a collaborative idea to other YouTubers in the same niche as yours. From there, you can promote each other’s channel and exchange followers at the end.
  20. Before starting something new, think hard about it. Don’t quit halfway and jump to another thing. Your followers want to see you being consistent always.
  21. Patience is a virtue to be a famous YouTuber. It can take up to 3 years for your channels or yourself to get the recognition you desire on YouTube. Don’t relent!
  22. Watch other channels and give attention to them as you want them to provide the same to yours. It is a community, and everyone must contribute to the growth.
  23. Don’t bother about perfection when editing mistakes in your video. You are not acting a movie but producing a YouTube video. Mistake makes you human.
  24. A bright and quality video encourages more views rather than a darker one.
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More tips on how to get YouTube famous in short time

  1. Edit out the boring parts of your video as this can discourage further view even when the rest is excellent. Your video should have a consistent theme from beginning to the end.
  2. Like other YouTubers, you must have an opinion of your own. Something your viewers will know you with.
  3. Avoid using copyrighted music when creating videos that is personality tailored. A great text and background music goes together with that kind of video theme.
  4. Create videos that are relevant and follows the current trend. This will give you more views as people are currently searching for those kinds of videos. Trends such as those in music, news, and culture will go a long way to promote you.
  5. If you want natural views, create content off the back of an already famous one.
  6. Professionalism is an essential factor in being YouTube famous. Use background images and artworks that talks about your channel and what you intend to offer.

So that’s 30 simple ways you can take to be famous on YouTube. Did I miss anything out that you think is worth sharing? Please kindly drop it in the comment section and lets us discuss this.

I look forward to your honest review of my write up. To your YouTube success amigos!

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