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4 Products That Make Fitness Easier

4 Products That Make Fitness Easier

Fitness may seem simple in theory, but in practice, it can be very confusing indeed. You can spend so much time wondering what to eat when to work out, and what advice you should follow that just the research side of fitness begins to feel like a hobby in and of itself.

As a result of the above, anything that tries to simplify fitness should be welcomed with open arms. While it’s possible to get fit in a very analog way, if you really want to make a difference to your health and fitness, it’s extremely beneficial to invest in a few products to help you along the way. So which products will actually help you achieve your fitness goals?

1) A Shaker Cup

Shaker cups are hugely beneficial if you drink protein shakes or meal-replacement drinks; they ensure you’re drinking smooth liquid rather than unpleasant clumps of powder. You can see reviews of different cups on and decide which best suits your style and the functions you require it for. Protein shakes are of huge benefit to fitness fans, and with a good shaker cup, you can make sure they taste as good as possible too!

2) A Calorie-Counter Watch

The more weight you burn while exercising the more you can enjoy the occasional sweet treat — but you need to know what you’re burning first. Calorie counter watches and other wearable devices are far more reliable than using standard calorie burn calculators, as they are personalized to you. More advanced watches can even monitor the quality of your sleep, which could be especially useful if you often suffer from daytime tiredness. Definitely worth the investment.

3) Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are the perfect way to make a simple stretching routine that little bit more testing. A simple set of resistance bands offers up a plethora of different exercises that you can do, so consult this useful starter guide at and see what takes your fancy. Resistance bands are so useful due to their simple, portable nature; you can take them on holiday and even to the office, guaranteeing you can give yourself a workout wherever you are. If you’re often away from home or can’t make it to the gym as often as you would like, then a set of resistance bands is a necessity.

4) Dry Cooking Gadgets

You might be surprised to learn just how many calories are in the cooking methods you conventionally use. Vegetable oil is dubious when it comes to human health benefits, while olive oil is good for you, but highly calorific. Switching to preparation methods that allow for dry cooking — i.e. without additional oil or butter — is hugely beneficial to your fitness efforts, saving you calories, and thus helping maintain your weight.

There are a variety of ways to dry cook, from plates that allow you to microwave bacon as described on or grilling machines that don’t require oil.

So which fitness-related purchase do you think you’re going to indulge in next?

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