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4 Signs You’re A Cool Yet Responsible Mom

4 Signs You’re A Cool Yet Responsible Mom

Growing up, we all told ourselves one thing: we’re going to be cool moms. After all, at the time, it was easy to see yourself as hip (is that still a thing?) and current. It’s as if time didn’t have an effect. Motherhood would come easy and the kids would lament how other kids’ parents weren’t as amazing as you.

Hey, wake up – you were dreaming! Usually, moms are embarrassing and the kids hate it when they say cringe things. But, sometimes the stars align and you’re actually pretty okay. No, you’re not asleep this time.

These are the signs you’ve got the balance just right.

Can I Have A Ride?

They won’t realize it any time soon, but they have it good because you like to ferry them around. Whether it’s practice or school, you’re behind the wheel and they don’t have to worry about public transport. Some parents might see it as being overbearing but the truth is you’ve got everyone’s interests at heart. Yep, it’s hard to say no when you love them as much as you do, which is cool regardless of what anyone says. Plus, it helps you to keep an eye on them. Let’s face it – they’re terrible with their phone considering their millennials.

Hey, Mrs G

Kids figure out what is cool through their peers. What they couldn’t care less about before suddenly becomes their world when a BFF validates it. And, some best friends will do that for moms. It doesn’t happen often, and usually, they’re nice for ulterior motives, but sometimes they’ll actually like you. And, they’ll tell your son or daughter. Just talking and making them laugh or making dinner or not being overbearing can win them over. Then, you’re the cool mom because of your pragmatism and not in spite of it.

Drive Safe

Every teenager wants to learn how to drive when they reach 17. You’re on board too because it will give them their independence. The problem is you can find out online about the dangers of getting behind the wheel for boys and girls. Young guys are particularly at risk because they like to go fast. Buying them a car doesn’t seem like a good move but it has two consequences. The first is that you know it’s safe thanks to your research. The second is that you can make rules. Otherwise, they’ll lose their privileges and won’t be able to drive any more.

Shop Until You Drop

They need clothes or else they’ll continue to look like cabbage patch dolls in public. What the cool moms do though is to let their children pick out the outfits. After all, there is no way you are up with the latest trends. Even if you think you are, you aren’t. That isn’t trendy, moms. A savvy tip is to tell them what they need and then give them a creative license, as well as a budget. That way, they get the essentials without being ashamed.

The question is, are you a cool mom?

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