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4 Signs You’ve Found The Right Digital Marketing Agency

4 Signs You’ve Found The Right Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing is a tricky subject. All entrepreneurs think they can do it themselves… Heck, most of them probably can do it, very well indeed.. But invariably none of them should. There’s a whole lot more to a potent digital marketing strategy than social media savvy or even a talent for writing engaging content. There are a great many reasons why digital marketing is best left to the pros. Agencies are used to working with businesses and can think strategically in ways that wouldn’t necessarily occur to even the most savvy entrepreneurs. “But what about the costs?” you may protest. That’s fair. Entrepreneurs are conditioned to keep their overhead costs to the bare minimum but digital marketing costs really do pay for themselves in facilitating faster growth and making sure that your brand has the consumer awareness and reputation that it deserves. In fact, digital marketing costs are one of the safest investments you can make, typically yielding a return : investment ratio of 5:1.

While digital marketing costs are rarely a bad investment, it’s fair to say that not all agencies are created equal. How do you know that the agency you’ve chosen is right for you or that you wouldn’t get a better value return on your investment elsewhere? Here are some of the most telling signs that you’ve found the right digital marketing agency.

They care about your experience

You understand the importance of customer services in your operations and you expect to see that same quality in those you do business with. A good agency will understand this, and go to pains to ensure that you feel valued. They will be cognizant of the fact that many entrepreneurs are ill at ease dealing with agencies. As Inner Spark Creative Advertising put it: “We made a list of everything people hate about working with an agency, and decided not to do those things. We decided you deserved better.”. While an agency should expect to be judged by their results, a little caring goes a long way.

They know (or help you define) your needs and expectations

Some nascent entrepreneurs are unsure of what their specific expectations are and a good agency will work collaboratively with you to establish a framework for success. They will work with you to find ambitious but realistic parameters and explain in plain English how they expect to achieve success within this framework.

They listen to your ideas

There’s nothing worse than an agency with a cookie cutter approach who listens to an entrepreneur’s creative input then clicks into autopilot; “well we do it like this”. The best agencies will try to bring the entrepreneur’s vision into the fold alongside their own ideas and processes.

They combine talent with savvy

It’s one thing to create engaging and good quality content, but it’s another to turn that content into a lead generation machine. The right agency will not only have a flair for engaging, creative and information dense content, they’ll also be able to play SEO algorithms like an accordion, building content that organically drives your content up in search engine queries without compromising on quality or readability.

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