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4 Things No One Tells You About Becoming A Personal Trainer

4 Things No One Tells You About Becoming A Personal Trainer

So, you fancy saying goodbye to your corporate career and taking the plunge to follow your passion for fitness. Becoming a personal trainer means that you can get out of the office and help others to become healthier, fitter and feel more confident. If you’re keen to wave goodbye to your full time job, and go freelance in the fitness industry, you might be wondering how on Earth you can do it. You will have a whole host of amazing well established personal trainers to compete with and you won’t have any clue as to where your next wage packet will be coming from. Take a look at these four things that no one tells you about becoming a personal trainer.

Caffeine Galore

As a personal trainer, you may envisage being on equipment all day every day, sharing treadmill techniques with clients, and undertaking a whole host of boxing exercises. Realistically, a lot of your day will be spent filling time. Yes, you may be based in a gym, but you might not have a client every hour in the day. This means that you’ll be catching a quick coffee more often than you currently do in the corporate world. Nearly all personal trainers sup way too much of the stimulant leading to lack of sleep and hyper energy.

You Need Qualifications

It may seem like a vocation to help people with their fitness. However, you cannot simply give up your management role to leap into a gym based career. Even though you may have an MBA and a ridiculous amount of IT qualifications, you still need some bespoke personal training certificates. No number of Ivy League college degrees will see you becoming a personal trainer. Without these you won’t be able to obtain liability insurances, and people won’t hire you as you lack credentials. Make sure you explore short courses like nutrition management and health and wellbeing certification. Having these under your belt enhances your resume and instills confidence in your potential client base.

You’ll See The Gym As A Dating Pool

This isn’t necessarily a negative, but if you’re young, free and single, you will inevitably date someone who attends the gym where you are based. Being a personal trainer gives you a sense of authority. This means trainer client relationships can morph from professional to personal. While not strictly ethically sound, you are not a doctor and your client is not your patient. The best trainer client relationships need to be close and foster a good sense of humor, a shared set of fitness goals and you will be your client’s biggest motivator. If you don’t date your clients, you will end up dating fellow trainers or gym members. All of that tight lycra can make it difficult to turn a blind eye to those potential partners at the gym.

You Will Need To Be Organized

Don’t assume that working as a personal trainer means that you can leave all of the office bureaucracy behind. You will still have a whole variety of paperwork to complete. It is up to you to create bespoke fitness and nutrition plans for your clients. Printing off some generic template from the Internet simply won’t cut it. You need to treat every client as an individual and really consider their fitness goals. Those people that want to lose weight from their tummy area will require different exercises from an individual who yearns to tone up their biceps. That client who is keen to enhance their endurance and stamina ready for a marathon will require a different fitness regime to the client who want to increase their bench press weights.

Organization is key. Spend your days with clients, and use those spare hours throughout the day working on paperwork, You’ll also need to look at your banking and ensure that you take responsibility for your own tax. You cannot allow personal training time to overrun. Just because you are having fun with a client, doesn’t mean that you should allow a session to overrun by fifteen minutes. Do this four times and they’ve had a cheeky hour session for free. Be organized and learn to time manage effectively.

Becoming a personal trainer is fun. You will meet like minded people who are keen to enhance their fitness levels and see physical health and well being as a way of life. However, forget thinking that being a personal trainer is all bicep curls, treadmill runs and circuits classes. If you love being in the gym, you will adore putting fitness at the center of your career.

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