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5 Best Activities for Adventurous Couples

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5 Best Activities for Adventurous Couples

There’s nothing like a good couples’ activity to bring you closer together with your partner. And while other couples are happy to go to a nice wine tasting followed by a long walk on the beach before snuggling under a blanket to watch a movie on Netflix, that’s just not you. You prefer doing something thrilling and adventurous where you can feel the adrenaline coursing through your veins. It’s the shared love of the extreme that attracted you to your partner in the first place. If that sounds like you, we’ve got you covered with the top five amazing thrill-seeking couples’ activities.


If hurtling downstream through treacherous rapids on an inflatable raft doesn’t get your heart racing, nothing will. In addition to the exciting ride, you will also be able to witness some amazing natural scenery, since most rafting trips include stops at waterfalls and other stunning locations. It’s also an active adventure, you’re not just laying back and enjoying the ride, you need to grab a paddle and row! Plus, since the rafts usually seat eight to ten people, you’ll get a chance to meet and befriend other likeminded people.

Dirt bike riding

This one is for the motorcycle lovers and gearheads, as it’s not something you can just pick up in an hour, you have to possess at least some previous motorcycle riding experience and even then, you need to learn how to handle a dirt bike and the terrain. However, if you’re both new at it, you can learn how to do it together and it will be a powerful bonding experience. While you are a novice, don’t try to go for fancy jumps you see the pros doing, just focus on becoming comfortable and confident while riding. For that to be possible, it’s best to have good equipment such as that offered by Troy Lee Designs in Australia. Once you both get the hang of it, you can start getting competitive – challenge your partner to a race, and the last one across the finish line has to cook dinner.


Justifiably the ultimate thrill-seeking activity, you can’t really beat launching yourself out of a plane and plummeting towards the ground at 200 kilometres an hour, before opening the parachute and being able to experience some of the most breathtaking views on the planet. If you like the activity but dislike having to tandem jump with an instructor, you may want to take it to the next level and learn how to skydive so you can get certified and then you can skydive together as a couple, no instructors necessary. Some couples have gotten engaged and even married while in the air.

Scuba diving

For fans of the water, this is the perfect summer activity as you can explore the magical underwater world together. Keep in mind that while anyone can snorkel, scuba diving requires a decent amount of training before you can be certified and do it independently, but you can always go with an instructor with minimal training. Scuba diving is a great exercise in relaxed and controlled breathing so it can have a meditative effect on people. It also builds trust as you and your partner always have to look out for each other’s safety. You are guaranteed to see some amazing things, from animals, corals and other sea creatures to underwater caves and sunken ships. Before you know it, you will be planning your vacation according to the most popular scuba diving spots. And if you really want to kick it up a notch, you can even go swimming with sharks!


This may sound like a bore compared to all the previously listed adrenaline fuelled activities, but don’t knock hiking just yet. It’s the ultimate getting-back-to-nature activity with the only equipment being your own pair of legs. You get a good exercise, plenty of fresh air and get to share a romantic view with your loved one when you get to the top. If you like camping, you can plan a longer hike over a few days. Nothing brings a couple closer together than huddling in the sleeping bags on a chilly night. And in case regular hiking isn’t extreme enough for you, try your luck with thru-hiking, where you and your partner hike over a major mountain chain over several thousand kilometres and for up to six months. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water!

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