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5 Dating Trends for 2021

5 Dating Trends for 2021

2020 showed every one of us how one year can test dating and existing relationships. Those who had to go through lockdowns alone really deserve a medal of honor, so now that the measures are easing all over the world, it’s the singles’ time to start dating again. But the world changed completely, dating included. What can you expect from the world of dating in 2021? From Zoom dates to Astrolove, here are some new trends that you can expect to notice on dating apps, so stay in the know and read up: 

Virtual dating

Today, we all know how important it is to keep your circle small and tight to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and stay safe and healthy. Due to this fact, many daters put off the first meeting in person and choose virtual first dates. Many social media apps today have video chat features that allow people to enjoy all the benefits of dating minus physical closeness. Virtual dates allow you to get to know your date, check your compatibility and physical attraction and get a look into their habits before you commit to risking your health on an in-person meeting. 

Slow dating

Have you ever had a slow cooker pork shoulder? This type of cooking takes a lot of time, but if you stay committed, the results will blow your mind. Well, it’s time to put your dating methods into a crockpot and give your ‘relationship’ time to warm up. People who opt for “slow dating” in 2021 take time to get to know their partner before meeting and are more selective with their choice of dates (a smart move in COVID times). Most people who slow date meet over apps, chat for a long time and practice virtual dating before they opt for a meet-up. 


While most of us are not strangers to dating people outside our location, it’s expected that in 2021 people will be dating on a much smaller scale. People who went or are going through a lockdown are most inclined to date locals. Since traveling is impossible and we’ve all become a little more involved with our local communities, locdating is a logical next step. Who knows, if you’ve always dreamed about falling for your next-door neighbor, it might happen this year. If there are no people who are interesting to you in your city, you can always call rely on the best escorts and babes to keep you company through the dark days of dating. Professionals know exactly what you want and will keep things simple and more than satisfying for you. 


The pandemic changed us all, some of us for the better. Over the course of a year, many of us had a chance to examine our lives, take a look at our existing relationships, focus on ourselves and discover what we need and want in life. This self-reflection gave confidence to many people and they discovered exactly what they want and don’t want from a relationship, and they are not afraid to say it. Hardballing or “dating like a CEO” means you don’t want to play games and waste time on people who are not good for your life goals. This approach to love might seem weird to many, but it will definitely keep your heart intact while navigating dating in 2021. 


You probably know a person that won’t date Geminis for the life of them. Well, in 2021, more and more people will be checking their birth charts and looking for compatibility in the stars. According to research, since Bumble added an “astrology badge” feature to their dating app, users from US, UK, Ireland, Canada and Australia who shared their placements in the zodiac world noticed a 60% increase in matches. Bumble states that Leos got the most hits, like they needed another thing that will stroke their egos. Get into astrology ASAP and see what the stars have in store for you in 2021. 

When compare to ghosting and other toxic dating trends of the past, these 2021 trends seem quite healthy, both physically and emotionally. So if you really need someone to be there for you through another quarantine or if you’re recently single (like many became during 2020) keep an eye on these trends and you’ll find your match made in heaven. 

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