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5 Dental Trends That Are on the Rise in 2021

5 Dental Trends That Are on the Rise in 2021

Dentistry is an industry that’s not a stranger to drastic changes. In 2020, due to COVID-19, we had many, but thanks to vaccinations, we can slowly start getting things back to normal. However, while we were preoccupied with the pandemic, dental trends continue to come and go. Here’s what we can expect for 2021, so stay informed no matter if you’re a dentist or a patient. 


Artificial intelligence is on the rise in every industry, the dental field included. If we look at this technology at the practice level, it can be used to relieve dentists of menial daily tasks like sending reminders, booking appointments and answering FAQs. Also, AI can help dentists predict dental issues like lesions and diseases by combing through mountains of data and patterns. Artificial intelligence can also help with recommending dental care services based on records and attend to the dentist’s needs during procedures (for instance, pull up x-rays for specific patients, etc.) so they can spend more time with the patient. In the future, AI can increase dental practice efficiency and provide patients with better experiences. 

Healthcare chatbots

According to data, 1.4B people are using chatbots every day, and it is predicted that by the end of this year, around 85% of all customer interactions will be conducted by chatbots and not human agents. The growth of these smart features has been present in every industry, dental included. However, there’s a concern with these chatbots, mainly about maintaining patient privacy and following HIPPA regulations. Thanks to new tech, all worries are eliminated, and in 4-5 years, the healthcare chatbot market will be worth over $700m. 

In dentistry, chatbots are used for making appointments, cancelling appointments, reporting symptoms and early diagnostics. They can also provide medical assistance and oral health guidance. When they are in need of quick service and instant response, people are more than willing to turn to chatbots. 

3D printing

3D printing is not only on the rise in the dental industry but in all technological sectors and the business world alike. 2020 gave us an increased use of 3D printing in dentistry and we can expect this trend to continue going strong in 2021. 3D printing employs innovative materials like resin to create accurate custom dentures, crowns and aligners. It’s especially popular in corrective dentistry in developed countries like Australia and we have thousands of people choosing Invisalign in Sydney every day. With 3D printed Invisalign braces, you can 100% custom aligners made to fix your smile and make your teeth straight and healthy. Thanks to technology, 3D printing allows us to receive products much faster than before. 

3D printing is nothing new, but possible applications are still popping up every day in the dental industry. Now, this technology can be used in general dentistry, prosthodontics, implantology and sleep science. 

Laser dentistry

Another part of dentistry that’s on the rise in recent years is laser dentistry. According to data, the market for dental lasers is expected to grow by $190m in the next few years. With this technology, dentists will eliminate the need for sutures, achieve fast and painless cavity fixing, kill bacteria in the mouth and reduce infections and/or complications. Also, patients will enjoy painless procedures that heal faster—two of the most important thing for customers. 

Concierge practice

This is an ongoing trend without any sign of losing traction. This model of practice is trying to deliver high-quality service to patients and provide ultimate comfort and relaxation. Concierge practice pushes dentists to spend more time with patients, provide personalized care and conduct all necessary exams and procedures to ensure top dental and oral health. With this model, users will pay a monthly subscription fee no matter if they visit their dentist or not. 

Like any industry, dentistry is also changing and adapting to new trends. These 5 we mentioned above are just the beginning of the dental revolution both patients and dentists will love.

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