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5 Fashion Items Every Mom Needs in Her Fall Wardrobe

5 Fashion Items Every Mom Needs in Her Fall Wardrobe

You are a mom now, this doesn’t mean you fashion sense needs to disappear in the sea of diapers and doodles. Fall fashion offers a wide selection of great clothing items, just waiting to be mixed and matched in order to create the perfect outfits.

It is time to bring out the fashionista in you and get your wardrobe ready for this season. With just a few specially selected items you can get that boost of confidence to be the best woman and mother you can be. So let’s start!

Jeans are always a good idea

Every woman needs that perfect pair of curve hugging jeans. They are practical, easily combined with a variety of items for different styles and in most cases quite affordable. You can say that they are the staple that can hold an outfit together. You should opt for dark wash/straight leg pair, since they are the most versatile. You can wear them with flats and a simple shirt when taking your kids to school, or with heels and cream coat for a luncheon with friends.

Tis the season for blazers

mom's fall wardrobe

Fall is the ideal season to bring out the blazers. And for mom on the go it is the perfect fashion item. It elevates each outfit and makes it a bit more dressy. You should not just think of them as suit elements, when combined with a great pair of jeans and a fun t-shirt they make for a memorable every day fall fashion.

Don’t forget about the leggings

Your fall wardrobe would not be complete without a pair of black leggings. They are great for colder weather, are easy to combine with everything from shirts to sweaters and skirts. They will help you stay warm and are very comfortable. The ideal mom’s fall wardrobe item. Just keep in mind that good, quality leggings are made from materials like modal, viscose or a thick poly spandex mix. They help shape your body and hold everything in place, so to say.

Devil’s in the details


Accessories are an important part of any wardrobe and in sun drenched countries like The Land Down Under, fashionable moms know the value of a great pair of sunglasses. Completing your fall look with a quality pair of sunglasses in Australia is a must. Another great accessory that needs to be included in your wardrobe is a scarf, fun patterns, strong colours and a wide array of lengths, scarfs will make the perfect addition to any fall look.

If the shoe fits...

If you are a mom who is always on the go, chances are that you have your go to flats or a pair of sneakers. Well fall is the perfect time to mix tings up. Opt for a great pair of suede boots, they can be flat or with a small heel. You can go black or opt for some of the more fall-like colors like brown or gray.  Another great addition for your fall shoe collection would be a pair of loafers with fun and trendy patterns. They are super comfortable and can add some character to your fall outfit.

So there you are the five must-have items for moms this fall. Each is easy to combine, comfortable and an ideal choice for a fashionable mom on the go. Don’t be afraid to experiment with outfits and colors, and if you can, include your kids in the mix. Wearing matching outfits, can, at times be quite fun.

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