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5 Key Features Your Chosen Elderly Residential Home Should Have

5 Key Features Your Chosen Elderly Residential Home Should Have

The level of illness or health an individual has is a top determining factor when locating and placing a loved one in a residential home. It is nice to have, but not always available, however, a 24-hour care staff is sometimes needed for older adults.

Assisted living centers offer apartment style homes for residents, but not the round the clock care some persons need. Below are 5 key features you should consider when looking for a residential home for a loved one.

  1. Services

Depending on the amount of care required by trained staff, a skilled nursing home may be needed. The services provided can range from meal preparation and delivery to administering medications.

If an older adult requires round-the-clock care, they may need to move into a facility that offers more hospital style care. These services are carried out by certified nurses and doctors.

An older individual that is just beginning their retirement an can still function on their own and without assistance, could move into a low assistance living facility. These are more like apartments, however, there is trained staff if needed. There are also activities to help the individual pass their time.

  1. Location

If you are planning on spending time with your loved one, you will want to choose a facility which is located near your own home. It may be important to be close by in case your loved one is in need of something or simply for companionship.

The location may not be as important to you as it is for your loved one. They may want to be near shopping centers, restaurants and other places they know well and want to continue to visit.

  1. Cleanliness

It is vital to your loved one’s health that the facility you choose for them is clean. Accidents happen, but it is important that they are cleaned up immediately to avoid further incidents.

Every space from the day room, where most of the residents gather with visitors, to the individual rooms and apartments should be kept neat and clean. There should be no smells, medical waste or anything the individual would not have in their private home.

  1. Security

You want to choose a place that has a secure location. Most residential homes have a keypad and password to enter the facility. They only offer the entrance passwords to family members of the residents, anyone else would need to request permission to enter, typically through an intercom system.

Having a security guard on duty can be helpful and comforting to residents when they are returning late at night.

  1. Medical Personnel

Although your loved one may not need any type of medical help, there will come a time when this service is needed. It is better to already have medical personnel on hand rather than move your family member to another facility.

This is a short list of the many different amenities you may want from a residential home for your loved ones. Everyone is different and an individual may not need or want everything on this list.

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