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The 5 Most Common Household Emergencies and How to Deal with Them

The 5 Most Common Household Emergencies and How to Deal with Them

Many different household disasters can strike you at any moment. While you shouldn’t live in constant fear of them happening, it is still beneficial of know what to do in such situations. That is why we decided to show you what the five most common household emergencies are, as well as how to act if they happen to you.

Burst pipe

A burst pipe is the most common malfunction in old houses. If a wet spot forms on your wall or if water starts dripping from your ceiling, chances are that you have a burst pipe in the wall. If this happens to you, don’t panic. However, the key is to act quickly.

First, you should remove all electrical appliances from the area. Second, turn off your main water pump. After the water flow is shut off, you can proceed to drain the pipes by turning on both cold and hot water on all taps. Once you did all these three steps, you should call a plumber. If the leak is coming from inside the walls, the plumber will probably have to tear down that part and patch the leaky pipe.

Clogged toilet

Next, we will talk about clogged toilets. People often throw things into toilets that are too big to pass through, like excess toilet paper or food leftovers. Of course, these things won’t always get stuck, but if they do, here is what you need to do.

Before calling in the cavalry (or in this case, a plumber), you should try to unclog it yourself. In most situations, a plunger will do the trick. However, you can also use some chemical solutions. Simply pour drain cleaner into the clogged toilet and let it do its job. If you don’t see any changes after an hour or so, then it’s time to get some professional help. Plumbers will usually unclog your toilet within minutes. But if some hard object is stuck down there, there is a chance that they will have to remove the entire toilet.

Power blackout

Power blackouts are usually caused by bad weather. However, in some cases, old wiring and faulty appliances can cause it as well. In case of a blackout, there is not much that you can do other than prepare a couple of candles or battery lamps, so that you don’t sit in the dark while you wait for the power to come back on. Handling live wires can be extremely dangerous if you are not properly trained for it. That is why you should always call an emergency electrician in these situations. They can come to you and resolve your problem within an hour regardless of the time of the day.

Leaky roof

Whether your roof is leaking because of damage caused by bad weather or simply because it’s old and ripe for renovation, you should immediately call a repair crew. Water goes through the walls quickly and can cause additional damage to your home if not addressed right away. You should not climb the roof and attempt to fix the leak yourself, but there are a couple of things that you can do. While you wait for the professionals, you should cut the power, remove your furniture from the affected area, and put some containers where the leak is dripping.

Locked out

Finally, let’s talk about being locked out. Even though it might have never happened to you, believe it or not, this is one of the most common household emergencies. First of all, you shouldn’t attempt to break into your house by climbing through a window or bashing the door. Trust us; it will cost you a lot less if you just call a locksmith. They will unlock your door and install a new lock within minutes.

Of course, there are many other home emergencies, but these five are without a doubt the most common ones. As you can see, you can attempt to fix some of them by yourself. However, when it comes to power outages, burst pipes and the like, you should always ask for professional help. Otherwise, you might cause even more damage.


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