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5 Types of Underwear Every Fashionable Woman Should Own

5 Types of Underwear Every Fashionable Woman Should Own

Underwear is undoubtedly one of the most essential parts of any woman’s wardrobe, and you should know that there are a lot of different types you simply need to know about. Here are five types of underwear every fashionable woman should own, so check them out and enjoy!

Who doesn’t love the provocative G string?

Even though a lot of ladies think that there’s absolutely no difference between a G-string and a regular thong, the fact is that these definitely aren’t the same thing. These two terms aren’t interchangeable, and we’re sure that the majority of lingerie lovers from all over to world know that. Basically, a G-string is the coolest underwear choice you can opt for, as it consists of a small triangle of fabric in the front and elastic straps everywhere else. As simple as that! It’s sometimes jokingly referred to as ‘floss’, but it’s a huge must when you want to wear a body-con dress or an extremely tight skirt. A G-string is perfect for ladies who don’t like to go commando in these cases, so be sure you get at least one pair as soon as possible!

The classic thongs are also an absolute must

On the other hand, the classic thongs provide a bit more coverage both on the front and on the back, which is why ladies feel more comfortable wearing them – especially when compared to previously mentioned G-strings. Thongs are actually G-strings’ much comfier counterparts, and women often opt for them when they want to avoid the infamous VPL – visible panty lines. Of course, you should go for thongs made from cotton or similar breathable materials if you always put your comfort first. But if you’re looking for sexy and seductive lingerie, just pick lace thongs and you won’t make a mistake.

As well as a pair of funny period panties

This list wouldn’t be complete without a pair of period underwear, which undoubtedly plays a huge role in any girl’s life – well, at least for a few days every month! Speaking of your period panties, the first thing you should take into consideration is comfort, and the reasons for that are more than obvious. Contrary to popular belief, these definitely shouldn’t be boring at all! There is awesome period underwear you’ll absolutely adore, and some of it even features your favorite heroes like Deadpool, Joker, or even the latest movies like Jurassic World. There are also period panties with edgy unicorns, so pick your favorite pair and wear it proudly during that time of the month.

Every girl needs a pair of comfy briefs, too

Even though briefs definitely aren’t the sexiest type of underwear out there, the fact is that these can be absolutely gorgeous and beyond comfortable. This is exactly why these are a go-to choice for a lot of ladies these days. Their cut can be called traditional, and these provide a lot of coverage. Contrary to models cut high on the hip, these can be seen as straight-cut panties that don’t show too much skin at all, which makes them an all-time favorite of the majority of women of all ages. You should remember that these don’t have anything to do with the word ‘granny’, although many people have mocked these by calling them ‘granny panties’. We can all agree that this term should stay in the past!

Boyshorts? Why not!

Last but not least, there are the famous boyshorts which were modeled with men’s briefs in mind. Basically, these feature full front and sides, but with a little twist – a thong-style base. Apart from being super comfortable, these can actually have the same function as the classic thongs – depending on the fabric and fit. You can wear them with form-fitting clothes without fearing that these will show under your figure-flattering garments. You should definitely wear boyshorts on windy days, when a short, fluttery skirt is your go-to choice, as these will help you stay safe and decent no matter what.

As you can see, each of these five underwear options is an absolute must, which means that every fashionable woman out there should have them in her underwear drawer. So, if you’re missing any of these, be sure to go shopping ASAP and complete your collection of underwear essentials in no time!

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