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5 Unique Epoxy Applications You’ll Want To Try

5 Unique Epoxy Applications You’ll Want To Try

You’ve likely heard of epoxy floor products before, but did you know there are way more ways epoxy can be used? This product is often praised for its extreme durability, polished appearance, and longevity. Keep reading to learn five other epoxy applications that you can try for yourself!

1. Refurbish an Old Table

Do you have an old table just sitting in your garage or hiding under a tablecloth because it’s so unattractive? Epoxy can be used on your wood table to create a completely new, unique look. Your creative scope and artistic abilities are the only real limitations here! You can even use a clear resin to display photos, memorabilia, or other decorative elements. 

2. Design Your Own PaperWeight

Using a mold of your choosing, whatever interesting items you can put together, and epoxy resin, you can create a paperweight that will make a great present! Of course, you can always keep it for yourself too.

3. Repair Your Steering Wheel

If you were considering replacing your steering wheel due to annoying, ugly cracks, think again! With an epoxy paste, you can fill in these cracks to make them disappear. Finish the job with a coat of primer-filler and then lacquer to make it look like new. 

4. Repaint Your Swimming Pool

Rather than constantly replacing your swimming pool paint after it inevitably starts to wear down, opt for epoxy instead! It is nonporous, so the materials made to construct your pool will be protected. Epoxy is also chemical-resistant and extremely durable. You can expect to get up to eight years of use from the epoxy before needing to apply a new coat. 

5. Enhance Your Boat

If you have a wooden boat, you will have to worry about water making its way into your boat. Eliminate this issue with the use of epoxy! Plus, it will give even a worn, old wooden boat a new, beautiful shine.

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