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6 Practical Ways To Make Your Startup More Productive

6 Practical Ways To Make Your Startup More Productive

It is not that big of a secret that startups live and die on the productivity they are able to squeeze out of the employees. As we all know, higher productivity relates to lower unit costs, higher profits, improved competitiveness, and company growth. For the up and coming companies that are yet to make a firm market foothold, these perks are important as the air is to a drowning man.

Unfortunately, the ways to achieving that extra ounce of precious productivity are not always as obvious as we would like. Let us see if we can do something about that.

Create a pet-friendly office policy

At first, glance allowing the employees to bring their pets to the office or getting a workplace mascot looks like a gigantic distraction that can only ruin the level of efficiency you have already accomplished. However, the recent research conducted by Central Michigan University actually suggests that workplace pets actually have a strong positive impact on the overall office morale. The same study also suggests that pets reduce stress, increase creativity, and even help people to work in teams. All these benefits are more than enough to justify a couple of loud barks.

Introduce flexible scheduling

If we take an honest look at it we will see that the good old 9-to-5 schedule is no longer practical, or for that matter, cost-effective. The thing is that different people have different lifestyles, habits, and biorhythms. Due to this simple fact, every one of us reaches different peak productivity at different times throughout the day. So, allow your employees to schedule the non-time-specific tasks for the hours they see fit. The permit to perform non-essential tasks from home should follow soon after. Try doing this for a couple of months and then assess the results.

Eliminate performance drops

This time we are talking about the assets used by your workers. If their equipment is constantly lagging and experiencing noticeable performance drops they won’t be able to keep up with the workload ahead of them no matter how hard they try. Eliminate this problem by getting high-speed fiber Internet that will allow your employees to use their cloud-based and conferencing tools without any slowdowns. Then, do your best to give the hardware a necessary facelift. Recent software updates will make sure that you are getting the best performance from the configurations you own.

Play up the interior design

The colorful and creative workspaces have always been pillars of high productivity. However, this simple concept can always be pushed a bit further. For instance, as of recently, open spaces with different types of workstations that allow employees to move to the accommodation that works best for them at any moment have proved to be quite the productivity boosters. Also, it would be a good idea to equip your new open workspace with a couple of intuitive social hubs (refreshments, drinks, fitness corners) that will encourage the staff to mingle and engage in brainstorming.

Make some room for nap time

This may seem to out there to be real but NASA conducted the research that proved that power naps can, in fact, improve information processing, alertness, and productivity. Therefore, it would be a good idea to give your employees some time to take those naps or even better provide them with some space where they will be able to do that with optimal comfort and convenience. If you think this concept is too outlandish you should know that some companies like Google already use “nap pods” in their offices. And they know something about entrepreneurship.

Automate whatever you can

Menial tasks like paperwork, calculations, analytics, data processing, and so on take quite a heavy toll on the employees’ precious time. Even worse, when they are finished with these chores they are thoroughly unable to commit to some more essential tasks that demand a higher level of creativity and productivity. Well, fortunately enough, modern software platforms can do a tremendous job of automating all these cumbersome processes and lifting the weight off the shoulders of your workers. So, if you can automate some workflow processes do that without any delay.

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