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7 Living Room Trends Worth Considering in 2018

7 Living Room Trends Worth Considering in 2018

Keeping up with living room trends is a simple task, as long as you understand the vast versatility that’s in front of you. It’s never about just one color, just one furniture set or just one style. Even the most monotone of years (interior decoration-wise) is able to present you with a myriad of options, at least some of which you might find to your liking. Moreover, keep in mind that you don’t want to do a remodel (or at least can’t afford to) every single year. This is why you should also pick a trend that seems as timeless as possible. Here are some suggestions.

1.      Rounded edges

In the past several years, all you could see when it came to interior design were geometrical shapes and, it was about time that we turn this around. The greatest problem with this idea lies in tricky room corners that, with this method, can never be properly filled. Of course, curved sofa’s tall ladders with planters on them or even a surfboard can be a great fit (provided that the style you’re going for allows the latter). On the other hand, there’s no reason whatsoever why the TV (as the focal point of the room) should be hung in the middle of the wall, instead of being placed in the corner, so that the rest of the room gets oriented towards it.

2.      Greenery

The next item on this list is the introduction of greenery to the house, which is a great combination with the previously discussed trend. Namely, plants usually have those softly rounded edges and even their planters are, most commonly, circular, which makes them fit flawlessly into your rounded setting. For those who hate massive planters, going for a bar cart filled with greenery or even planters hanging from the wall might be a great idea. One last idea on this topic, indoor palm trees are particularly popular this year.

3.      Bringing the outdoors in

Using outdoor furniture to decorate your living room is in no way a new trend, yet it’s one that’s been particularly popularised during the early summer of 2018. This can help you blur the lines between your patio and your living room, especially if you have a sliding door in between. The best thing about this is that, once you get bored with this style (that is if you get bored at all), you still get to move your furniture outside.

4.      Entertainment center

The previous three trends might have seemed a bit too rustic for some, which is why we now need to proceed with one high-tech oriented layout idea. Instead of just hanging a flat-screen ultra HD TV inside your living room, why not invest a bit more and turn it into a high-tech haven you’ve always wanted to have? We’re talking about building a high-end home theatre and, in this way, giving your family one more reason to spend time together. Naturally, this kind of setup requires some futuristic accessories all around or at least furniture in a contemporary style.

5.      Unusual color combinations

People who can’t make up their mind about which color to use in their living room need to change their perspective and abandon monochromatic ideas once and for all. At the end of the day, there is not a single reason why you shouldn’t use the entire color palette if this pleases you. Still, there are some rules to color combinations on a micro-level that you should be aware of. Red and bright pink, violet and marigold, as well as cobalt blue and fuchsia, are amazing combinations that should almost always go together. The rest is optional.

6.      Lavender, lavender, lavender

In the previous section, we’ve outright dismissed the idea of going monochromatic, while this trend might have some appeal of its own. In 2018, going for a lavender-colored monochromatic setup is a great idea though it requires a lot of effort and a high level of organizational ability on your end. Of course, there isn’t a single aesthetic downside of going for monochromatic, the only problem lies in the fact that you might have a slightly harder time finding all the items you need with a single shade to work with. To some, nonetheless, the challenge itself is half the fun.

7.      The 70s are back

Lastly, with all those people looking backward, you might want to consider going retro, but not all the way vintage. We’re, of course, talking about bringing back the 70s inside your home. There are so many simple, fun ways to do so and the first thing to consider is the seating arrangement. Color-popping dining chairs are the first thing you need and it would be for the best if you could match it to glam rock walls as a background. These two features alone will be enough to help you revive this era.


As you can see, all of these living room trends have something to offer and, in most cases, you even have the freedom of combining them at your own behest. Nevertheless, keep in mind that this is the setting in which you’ll spend most of your time at home, which is why you need to choose wisely.

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