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8 Ways to Transform Your Look and Style into One Where You Feel Completely Yourself

8 Ways to Transform Your Look and Style into One Where You Feel Completely Yourself

So, you woke up this morning, looked into the mirror and sighed as you realize you don’t quite feel yourself. What are you going to do about it?

For whatever reason you want to change your style, it is essential that when you look at your reflection, you respect and feel connected to the person looking back at you (i.e., yourself).

One way to do this is to transform your style completely- turn away from the trends and turn towards a style that looks, and feels, 100% like the person that you are. In a world that is filled with passing trends and media touting too many styles to count, it can be easy to get caught up in the fashion, foregoing what looks and feels like your personal style.

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There are many reasons that you may have for wanting to change your style; maybe you want to attract a specific type of man or woman into your life, perhaps you want to attract a new kind of lifestyle altogether. Either way, having a physical style that reflects who you are can do wonders for your self-esteem. Studies have shown us that those with healthy self-esteem have higher standards and do not settle for things, people or situations that would be an unhealthy addition to their life. By changing your style to one that reflects who you are will help you to render more profound respect for yourself because you are true to yourself. Also, after you have reinvented your style, you will feel a significant boost in your self-esteem and begin to make better choices for your life.

Aside from the above psychobabble, there are a few physical changes you can make to your style that can help you to look and feel yourself. If one doesn’t feel quite right then move on to the next one. So if you are not sure about who you are or how that translates to a physical style, then feel free to play around with a few different options until you find something, or a few things, that you can settle on.

  1. Don’t Know Who You Are or Where you Fit in?

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If you are unsure how to express via your style and appearance the person that you are, then try to imitate people that you admire. This will help you to decide what type of style you like. If you are unsure, then look to celebrities or other people who have a style that makes you feel good when you see them. Then, once you have the person in mind, you can begin to imitate that style. Many women feel an affinity for Audrey Hepburn. These people then look to create a sense of class and sophistication to their wardrobe. This is a popular option for women who want to introduce a more classy atmosphere to their style. If you are looking for something more ‘free’ and just as feminine, you can take a look, other women, like Rachel Brathen, who has a beautiful and effortless style, if you prefer a more tailored and androgynous style, you could look up the many outfits worn by Greta Garbo. Garbo’s style depicts class and comfort. Remember, you can change your entire wardrobe in the effort to boost your style but if you do not wear things that feel ‘right’ and try to be something that you are not, then you will not be very comfortable and will end up keeping those new clothes in the back of your closet.

Remember: style is about more than material items; it is about the atmosphere you create when you put on an outfit or walk into a room.

  1. Design your Skincare Ritual

skin ritual

Want to reinvent yourself so that you can essential ‘become’ the person you want to be? Well, the work starts behind the proverbial scenes of clothes and makeup. Learn to take care of your facial skin. Do you think you can achieve the glowing skin that you so admire on others by applying hundreds of dollars worth of makeup? Well, maybe. However, how sustainable is that- and I’m not only talking about the environment. Makeup can have damaging effects on your skin, mainly if you apply layers and layers of the stuff every day.

Incorporate skin products into your daily routine that can help to create a glowing face, naturally. Products such as Organic Rosehip Oil and Organic Tea Tree Oil are fantastic, natural, additions that your face will thank you for.

  1. Dispose of Old Makeup

Do you want a ‘new you?’ Yes? Then get rid of all the old makeup that you have to clutter your cosmetic counters. Check the expiration date on all your makeup and dispose of anything that is passed its expiration date. If you need new makeup after this, then you should visit a store where you can test different shades and tones so that you find the perfect one.

  1. Accessorize!

One simple and great way to spruce up your personal style is to get new accessories that echo your style. If you are opting for a more classy and elegant look, think simplicity and quality. Nothing too gaudy or flashy. If you are opting for a more modern minimalistic look, then turn to subtle hues and simplicity. You can even customize your jewelry to make something genuinely echo your style. Customizing your style can be as easy as getting a new pair of sunglasses or a different type of shoe.

  1. Adjust your Brows

Brows are all the rage, but hopefully, we have emerged from the phase of eyebrows that look ‘big and scary.’ You know what I am referring to here, the type of eyebrow that is hard to look away from, the kind of brow that you first notice when you look at something. If you are in need of a new look, think about visiting a specialized who can help you to reinvent and adjust your brows. Whether you want a totally different shape or just a slight tweak, new eyebrows can transform your whole look.

  1. Change the Parting in your Hair

This is quite possibly one of the simplest ways to change your style. Look into the mirror and adjust your parting. If you have a side parting, then put a middle parting and see how you like it, or vice versa. We tend to get stuck into one way of doing things, especially when it comes to our hair, so try out a new parting, and you may just be pleasantly surprised by the results.

  1. Use a New Color Palette

Colors go in and out of fashion faster than a particular style of dress or blouse. However, there is nothing more stylish than finding the color palette that suits you and your personality the best. For some, it will be pinks and reds, bright colors that can echo off a lively personality. For others, it can be soft pastels like baby blues and pale yellows. Whatever your palette, if you find the colors that look amazing on you then it truly doesn’t matter whether or not they are in fashion or trendy. Where what suits you and looks good on you.

  1. Exercise

Yes, you were looking for ways to change your style so what does exercise have to do about it? Well, we all know that exercise makes you happier. Moreover, if you are looking to change your style so that you can feel more comfortable in your own skin then exercise is one the best ways to help you achieve that. Find a type of movement or exercise that you like- dance, pilates, weights, running or even walking, and do it. You will love yourself for doing it, and then you will soon love the results as well.

While the above ways are the best, there are many ways you can change your style:

–    Learn to contour using makeup

–    Get more sleep (you will be healthier and happier)

–    Get a haircut

–    Work on your self-confidence (do things that make you proud)

–    Get contacts to change your eye color

–    Change your hair color

–    Tattoos (temporary tattoos are an option too)

Want to know something that might just blow your mind? The style has nothing to do with fashion. If you are a slave to fashion, then the chances are pretty high you don’t have much style. Yes, that might sound pretty harsh, but it is true. Stop chasing fashions, fads, and trends. And start to design your personal style to be a reflection of who you truly are. Not only is this what makes a person look and ‘feel’ stylish, but it gives you a sense of knowing who you are, and being true to that makes you reek of confidence.

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