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A Simple Guide on Email Marketing

A Simple Guide on Email Marketing

With other means of digital advertisement such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram getting the entire buzz around them; it is unimaginable to have a business without email promotion. Why some believe that email marketing has fallen by the wayside, the truth of the matter is that it is still an exceptionally viable means of promoting your business.

According to statistics by Ascend2, a bigwig in the industry, it was observed that more than 82% of B2B, as well as B2C organizations, still promote their business through email marketing. The study further claims that an email campaign has six times probability of being clicked than a tick on a tweet.

How does email marketing work?

 Right from your subscribers signing up down to promotion of your sales, you have to plan. One of the first things to do is to set up a framework to collect the emails of your supporters.  While the process of the collection can be a little overwhelming, it does not require you to spend much, if you spend at all. A rule of the game is to study your audience and offer them something they will like in exchange for their emails.

Whether you spend money to get your subscribers or you got them free, the process is usually the same. The only difference is that paying for advertisement to your landing page where you collect emails is faster and sends you more targeted traffic.

Immediately these subscribers’ signs up with their email, they get an automatic welcome email from your already set up email framework known as an Autoresponder and a link to any of the freebies you offered them. Onward, they can get an offer from you in their emails.

How to automate your email marketing

Imagine the level of work it will take to start getting personal and sending emails to each person on your list. That’s impossible you say. But with the automatic frameworks provided by email companies such as Aweber, MailChimp, Clickfunnel, Getresponse, and so on, the possibility of email marketing is limitless. 

These platforms allow you to set up layouts, campaigns and schedule your email to mention a little. The hard work is handled through automation- this gives you enough time to do other things. Irrespective of the number of people on your email list, you can send emails to every one of them and as well track leads, pick in rates, deals, open rates, etc.

What your Email should contain

After your first emails, you have to send follow up emails and continue to send emails till the subscriber unsubscribes from your list. So what type of email can you post? You have to figure out what works best with them. But you should not deviate from what your business or specialty is based on. One key thing to note is that your subscribers are people and you have to offer them value. Solve their problems or provide them quality services and products that they will be thankful at the end.

Your email framework allows you to schedule your emails and send it at intervals. There are a lot of things you can send, such as sharing short and educative posts, sharing opportunities and more. Know what works with your subscribers and be consistent with them.

Why you need Email marketing for your business

Most first time visitors to your website are not convinced with your offers. By subscribing to your email lists, you have a chance to better promote your business to them, thereby persuading them more. Over time, you will build a relationship with them, and they can now buy your products or services.