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Avoid Slips and Trips In and Around Your Commercial Property This Winter!

Avoid Slips and Trips In and Around Your Commercial Property This Winter!

Winter is a great time for any small business owner. More customers are coming in through the doors of your brick and mortar store, browsing your goods, wares, and services, and completing sales. This can only mean one thing: more profit for you! This can be reinvested or go straight towards making your holidays the most extravagant and enjoyable ever. However, with the whole host of perks that December offers, there are a few drawbacks that come hand in hand with them. With more customers through the doors from poor weather conditions outside, you’re more likely to see more accidents occurring. Members of the public can easily become injured on your premises and, if you’re not careful, this could end in a pretty hectic lawsuit. You don’t need this kind of stress looming over you. Especially not when you’re trying to run and maintain an increasingly busy and popular company. So, here are a few different ways to ensure that you, your customers, and staff members all enjoy operating in a safe and reliable space!

Be Vigilant When It Comes to Wet Floors

The winter months mean poorer weather conditions outdoors. Sure, you may be cosy, warm, and dry indoors. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re completely protected from the hazards of wet floors. Customers coming in from the rain may bring a mini flood of water with them, as they may drip from their shoes, coats, or umbrellas. This means that you need to be extremely vigilant. Wherever the floor is wet, ensure to put up a wet floor warning sign. Have a mop at hand, ready to wipe up bigger spills or puddles too. This way, people will be made aware of the potential hazard and can accordingly practice a little more caution.

Avoid Slips and Trips In and Around Your Commercial Property This Winter!

Safety Railing

Sometimes people need an extra helping hand when it comes to making their way around your commercial premises. Wherever there is an incline, or somewhere that people can walk where there’s potential for a drop on the other side, you should consider investing in safety railing. This can be fitted to reduce risks of falls from heights, no matter how high or low. There are both portable and permanent options available out there. So, whether the potential hazard is only for a short period of time or a fixture that will always be in your premises, there’s an option to suit your needs.

Avoid Slips and Trips In and Around Your Commercial Property This Winter!

Mark Steps and Low Ceilings

Some commercial properties will have steps and low ceilings. Whether these seem obvious or not, you should still always mark them clearly for people to see. This can be achieved with a small, polite sign with a warning, such as “mind the step” or “mind your head”. What may not seem like a problem to you may be a serious issue for someone taller, shorter, or less able to move about. Signs can also help those who are hard of sight.

These precautions are easy to take but could make all the difference if they prevent just one person from falling and injuring themselves. So take the time to ensure that you have all areas covered.

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