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Awesome Decor Tips From The Experts

Awesome Decor Tips From The Experts

If there’s one group of people who know a thing or two about home decor, it’s the experts. They’ve rearranged and totally overhauled many homes in the past, so you can bet your bottom dollar that they know what they’re talking about.

If you want to make your home decor look far better, then you’d do well to pay attention to these tips:

Pull Your Furniture Away From The Wall

If you have your furniture pushed against the wall in an attempt to save space, you’re actually making the place look far more cramped than you would like to believe. This will never create a sense of flow in your home. Even pulling your furniture away from the wall slightly can make the biggest difference.

Don’t Be Afraid To Hire Professionals

Hiring professionals is frowned upon by some, after all, why would you do that when you can do everything yourself? Well, most professionals these days can offer services like ecopainting, that are much better for your home environment. Not only that, you’ll save enough time to be able to focus on something else. It’ll take you far longer if you want to do every single thing yourself!

Buy Your Most Important Things First

Buying your most important things first and then basing the rest around that will make everything so much easier. The sofa is a good place to start!

Lighting Is Everything

Never underestimate your lighting, and make sure it’s suitable for each room. Lighting that mimics natural light is the best form of artificial light, but natural lighting is something you just can’t beat.

Add Color And Pattern To A Neutral Room

A neutral room can easily be perked up with a little color and pattern. Neutral is great when you’re trying to sell, but it can be a little boring.

Upcycle And Distress Your Current Furniture

If you don’t want to purchase brand new furniture, you could upcycle or distress your old furniture. You could even upholster it to make it look brand new.


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Remember Your Home Is An Extension Of You

What is your personality like? What do you like and dislike? If you’re usually a very colorful person, it doesn’t make much sense to have a boring, monotonous home. Make your home an extension of you and have fun with the way that it looks. Don’t make it a carbon copy of your neighbor’s or best friend’s home.

Only Bring Things You Truly Love Into The Home

Make sure you think carefully about every single thing you bring into the home. If you don’t love it, don’t bring it in. It’s as simple as that. Your home should only be filled with things you really love, so that’s all you’re ever surrounded by. Your home will be a much happier, more enjoyable place if you bring things like this into it.

How do you feel about these awesome decor tips from the experts – will you use any in your home decorating venture? Leave your thoughts and your own ideas below!

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