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Being a Better Parent in 2022

Being a Better Parent in 2022

Today, being a parent is very hard. It’s hard to stay sane yourself, but when you have kids to raise and love, it can be even harder to keep your stability and provide your kids with everything they need and want. So how can you be a better parent in 2022 and make it the most successful parenting year for you and a happy and empowering year for your kids? 

Help your kids with their resolutions

We almost always make some new year’s resolutions. This year, your kids might be big enough to make their own. If they want to make resolutions, don’t dismiss them. Instead, use this time to talk to your child, discuss their goals and plans and come up with great goals for 2022. While you watch your kids set resolutions, you can learn a lot about their lives and create a stronger bond with your loved ones. If you see a resolution you really like, you can adopt it, collaborate and encourage each other to reach your goals together. This move will show your support, empower your kids and show that you take their plans seriously—it will mean the world to your kids. 

Prioritize family time

Even though you might be working from home and spending a lot of time around your kids, are you really spending time with them? Single expat parents especially struggle with this since they face a lot of responsibility alone. In 2022, you can set better limits and boundaries with remote work and pay attention to how you behave during family time. It’s a hard habit to break, but try to put your phone away sometimes and do something productive with your children—board games, gardening, catch, walks in the park, etc. Even sitting at the dining table to have dinner every evening will make a huge difference in your kids’ lives. It’s important to give your kids both your physical and mental presence. 

Talk about heavy subjects

In 2021, we as a society pulled some heavy subjects. It might be awkward for you to talk with your kids about politics, racial subjects, mental health, sex and gender, but these are very relevant and important things to discuss. This year, you can consult with other parents on the Mumli parenting app and see how they keep the channels of communication open with their kids. Parents on Mumli have a bunch of amazing tips that will help you discuss serious things with your kids and allow you to create a true sense of support, trust and community in your family. 

Don’t skimp on compliments

Let’s rewind the past day and try to count how many times you’ve reacted negatively to something your kids have done or didn’t do. Okay, now let’s see how many times you have complimented your kids yesterday? Most of us are quick to criticize yet slow to compliment. In 2022, we can make an effort to change that and try to notice all the good things your kids do throughout the day. Maybe your kid made the bed in the morning or maybe they played with their sibling with love and patience? Compliment their good behavior and you will make a huge positive impression on them every day. 

Set good examples

Kids are sponges and great imitators—they will adopt a bunch of behaviors just by watching and listening to you every day. So if you want to improve your parenting this year, improve your behavior first and start acting as a good role model for your kids. For instance, before you go off cursing and yelling when your lunch burns or your boss annoys you, ask yourself this: Do you want your kids to act this way any time they face an issue? Most kids who battle with aggression come from parents with rage issues, this is something stressed new parents have to have in mind from day one. Instead of showing your kids how not to act, showcase traits you want to see in your little ones—kindness, honesty, patience and tolerance. Often express gratitude and give compliments and your kids will do the same. 

And maybe most importantly, try to be kind and loving towards yourself. There’s no way you can share love and joy when you’re exhausted. The past 18 months have been very hard on all of us and filled with stress, uncertainty and loss, so it’s important to rid yourself of these negative feelings so you can offer support and great parenting for your little ones.