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Benefits of Autologous Fat Transfer

Benefits of Autologous Fat Transfer

As we begin to age, our faces often lose their youthful fullness. This is caused by the fact that the body fat decreases naturally over time. Lack of facial fat, for instance, makes way to sagging and loose skin making the face appear less voluminous and seemingly hollow. Fortunately, small amounts of well-positioned fats on the face can restore your youthful vibrancy and assist you to define the features of your face. Uniquely beneficial and relatively simple, autologous fat transfer is one of the natural ways you can restore your facial volume for long.

Have you considered undergoing a procedure for facial rejuvenation but you are not sure if an autologous fat transfer is what you need? This injection technique of facial fat sculpting can restore all your attractive contours on your chin, cheeks as well as the under eye area. It can also be used to add volume to your lips. This article will discuss what autologous fat transfer is including its benefits. Keep reading to know more autologous fat transfer.

What is autologous fat transfer?

Also known as microlipoinjection, an autologous fat transfer is a method in which a person’s own body fat is utilized by a professional surgeon to pump up the emaciated or sunken areas of the face or any other desired location. Autologous can simply be defined as the use of a person’s own fat or tissues. Since a patient’s own fat is used, this procedure requires three main steps. The initial step involves extracting some excess fat from parts of the body like the thighs, abdomen, jowls or buttocks. Once the fat is extracted through gentle liposuction, it is then isolated and cleansed. The third step involves injecting the clean fat cell into the targeted patient’s facial area.

Which parts of the face can be treated?

Facial areas which may be improved with this fat injection treatment method include hollows under the eyes and creases found between the eyebrows or in the forehead. Fat injection can also improve contours around your nose, the jawline, the temples and the area between your nose and the upper lip. Moreover, the autologous fat transfer can also correct hollow or sunken areas, scars including any part of your face or neck that has lost fat. Some facial areas may only require one fat injection to exhibit a long lasting and noticeable improvement whereas others need more fat transfer to be corrected adequately.

The benefits of autologous fat transfer

  • There are no adverse allergic reactions

One of the key reasons to consider fat grafting on your face is that you will not experience any form of allergic reactions. This is because the fat that the surgeon uses comes from your own body meaning the body will not reject it once it has been injected into a different body part. This is an ideal solution for anyone who wants to enhance the looks of their face but they are allergic to commercially available collagen or fillers. Similarly, most people who want to improve the size or shape of their breast and buttocks always choose this method because they will not have a bad reaction after the procedure.

  • It offers small incisions

Whenever fat gets harvested and injected, you’ll only notice a tiny diameter hole which has a very minimal chance of growing into a huge scar. This means that your skin will not show any signs of injections so you will achieve your goal without hurting or having skin issues. This attribute also makes the recovery process much easier.

  • Helps you have a slimmer body

Because fat is extracted on certain parts of your body, this fat removal process can give you a slim look. You will get to remove fat from unwanted areas such as your stomach, thighs or buttocks–we all have that stubborn area that contains fat and we aren’t pleased with. The fat is harvested from the main troublesome area through liposuction giving you a slimmer and sculpted look.

  • It offers long-lasting results

Just like dermal fillers, autologous fat transfer restores volume to your face. Although injectable treatments are great if you want to restore the lost volume of fat temporarily, they are simply short-term solutions. However, the results you will get from autonomous fat transfer will considerably last longer and sometimes provide permanent rejuvenation. Note that there isn’t a definite duration of time that the fat transfer will last –this varies from one person to the other but the results will surely last long.

  • It’s cost-effective

Being a long lasting solution, the autologous fat transfer is more cost-effective compared to repeat injections of dermal fillers. The cost of this treatment will depend on factors like your geographical region, where your surgeon or dermatologist is situated, the extent of the work needs to be done, and the amount of fat transfer you require. Generally, the costs incurred with fat transfer are less compared to other kinds of facial rejuvenation process especially surgical procedures like the facelift.

  • Offers a natural feel and appearance

When replacing fat with fat, you will get the most natural results. If done successfully, the fat that’s injected in your face establishes a new supply of blood from the body. This assists you to give the face a natural fullness, as well as a natural feel. You will be comfortable because there isn’t a foreign substance that has entered your body.

  • The recovery process is fast

The recovery process after an autologous fat transfer is usually fast and very easy than other cosmetic surgery procedures. The incisions are normally avoided and discomfort is rarely experienced. Many patients may move around and indulge in normal activities on that same day. This also makes the procedure safe.

Autologous fat transfer is a procedure you can rely on when you want to rejuvenate your appearance. Consider contacting Dr. Leonard Miller who works at the Boston Center for Facial Rejuvenation to get quality facial fat transfer services in Boston. To know more about dramatic and long-lasting rejuvenation treatment of the entire face, visit Dr. Miller’s website at

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