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Blogging Tips to Increase Blog Traffic with Mix

Blogging Tips to Increase Blog Traffic with Mix

One challenge faced by most bloggers today is getting quality traffic to their website. While there are various ways you can attract more page views to your blog, most of them are either saturated or have strict rules (especially social networking websites). However, I’ll be sharing with you today a new platform where you can get more traffic to your blog.

Mix is a new way that allows you to discover, collect, as well as share remarkable contents with your audience. Social media network sites remain one of the best ways to generate traffic, but often, they are more concerned about promoting the materials created through their platforms.

 Therefore, bloggers have to look for alternative means to promote their blog. As you are well aware, the best of the internet resides on blogs. Just like Pinterest, Mix is also a content discovery platform. Till today, Pinterest is still bloggers favorite when it comes to sending back quality traffic to a published post.

Founded by the owners of StumbleUpon, the goal of Mix is to help people discover and share fantastic contents. As content creators, our ultimate prayer is that people get to read and share our work as wide as possible. This is what Mix is offering- discovering your contents.

Although still new, we can take advantage as first users of Mix before the platform gains traction; just like Pinterest. We can do so much by creating quality contents that will attract readers on the platform, thereby sending backlinks of traffic back to your blog.

There is also an Incentive Program that rewards users with traffic through their parent company, StumbleUpon ad credit. This post will take you through the process of how to effectively use Mix as a blogger.

Useful tips on getting the most from Mix

  1. Avoid the temptation of adding all your previous contents at once

As a new user of mix, you are required to add materials to your Mixes over time slowly. Don’t do this all at once. When adding a particular post to a specific Mix on your profile, also add other related posts from other reliable sources (it might be from partner’s website contents or just about any suitable materials around). Add 2 of your contents to their 8.

A drawback I observed is that a post can only be attached to a Mix. Unlike Pinterest, a unique URL can only be attached to a Mix. What this means is that you can use a single post on multiple Mixes. Therefore, your contents are spread across different Mixes. I believe this will be rectified in future updates.

  1. Catchy Mix names, as well as descriptions, is great

Popular Mix names work like headlines; they probe on the reader’s curiosity. Ignore the simple name suggested by Mix and create your own. Many people also miss the part where they can add Mix descriptions when creating new Mix.

You require creativity when creating any of your Mix names or descriptions. Therefore, you don’t have to create it immediately. Go back to your previously created Mix and edit the names and descriptions to catchy ones. This will further increase the read rate of your content. Also, use one of your quality Mix images as the cover for your Mixes.

  1. Use the Chrome Mix toolbar or app to aid your posting

One of the advantages of using Mix is the ease of adding posts. With the help of the Chrome Mix toolbar, you can quickly and seamlessly add new posts to your Mixes. This is unlike the stress you go through when sharing your URL on social platforms. All you need is to add the URL to your Mix using the Chrome toolbar.

Other related posts to the one you have added previously can also be done the same way. Apart from the toolbar on my desktop, the Mix app on my phone also affords me the same ease when adding post to my Mixes. It also has cross-platform usability with other apps like Pinterest, Twitter, StumbleUpon, etc. that enables me to add an excellent post from such platforms to my Mixes.

  1. Variety of contents is the spice of Mix

Add different contents from other sources that are of high quality to your Mixes. I either add posts from my friend’s website, or from other reputable sources to my Mixes. If they don’t read your content, they can read the others or vice versa.

It is a win-win at the end. What matters most is that they are a fan of your Mix and are likely to come back for more contents.

  1. Follow other people in the similar community (friends or otherwise)

Like for different social media platforms, building and having a relationship on Mix with other people in your niche will further enhance your reputation. Connect with friends and family, and create more awareness for Mix. Quickly create an account today and meet new people.

Continue to grow your Mix account organically, search for people with the same interest as yours and follow them. Also check profiles of people before following them back, to know if they are worth your time.

  1. Use an easily recognized profile picture

People tend to relate and feel more connected with real more. Therefore, ensure you have a quality picture of yourself as your profile image. Something your friends and other followers from other platforms can recognize you with. Either you are using your photo or that of your brand, you must be consistent.

    Other Useful Tips to Increase blog traffic using Mix are:

  1. Ensure you click and read other articles
  2. Following topics, board and other people is great
  3. Save articles on Mix for later reading
  4. Participate in cross-promotion of posts and Mixes on other social platforms
  5. Take advantage of the Incentive program

I have shared everything with you on my new way of driving blog traffic through Mix without holding anything back. Although still a new platform, the potential for this pro-content website is high and I implore all bloggers to key in at this early stage.

If you like what you have read and are willing to take action right away, let me know in the comment section. Good luck to your blogging success!

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