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Boost Your Grocery Business With These Trendy Take-Outs

Boost Your Grocery Business With These Trendy Take-Outs

Consumers today are open to a bewildering assortment of food experiences, from local ingredients to international flavors. Consider filling your hot food display equipment with some of the trendy foods that have captured the bellies of today’s consumers.

International Flavors

Hunger for international flavors, including African, Indian, and Middle Eastern cuisine, continues to grow as young Americans become more adventurous in their eating. Roast chicken, hummus, and other foods flavored with the North African za’atar spice are all the rage. Fermented foods, such as Korean kimchi, are also finding their way into Americans’ diets, as are sour foods, including Filipino vinegar sauces and Persian tamarind sauces.

Adding international flavors to your grocery store’s hot food display may be easier than you think. While it’s common to find flavorful versions of rotisserie chicken such as garlic and rosemary, spice it up with some international flavors. You could season the chicken directly or offer a variety of dipping sauces. Dipping sauces let consumers try different flavors in the same meal. Offer spicy Jamaican jerk and tangy Japanese yuzu dipping sauces and you’ll have an instant international menu.

Regional American Cuisine

Today’s consumers are also celebrating regional American cuisine. Try adding red or green chile flavors for a taste of New Mexico’s cuisine. Or add Southern barbecue that will smell so good you might need to hire a guard to stop customers from eating it on their way to the cashier. These and other regional flavors will easily spice up your rotisserie chicken selection. There are countless other regional foods to consider too, such as shrimp gumbo and New England lobster rolls.

Meatless Proteins

Finally, devote a section of your food bar to meatless options. 80% of millennials regularly eat meatless proteins. Meatless proteins can be processed and flavored to taste like chicken, beef, and other meat products, even though they’re made from plant-based ingredients such as soybeans, wheat gluten, and mushrooms. The international and regional flavors mentioned above apply equally to meatless proteins too. Add meatless proteins to your food bar to accommodate this growing group of consumers.

As more consumers hunger for new flavors, both international and regional, try spicing up your food bar with delicious international and regional cuisine. Also add meatless alternatives for the growing population of foodies devoted to or curious about this diet. Not only will you boost your grocery business, you’ll also have the most delicious smelling store in town.

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