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Coloring In: Choosing a Scheme for the Whole House

Coloring In: Choosing a Scheme for the Whole House

We all know how difficult it can be to choose a color scheme for a single room, let alone the whole house! Essentially, what you want to be doing is gathering as much inspiration as you can from a myriad of different sources. But it is also worth reminding yourself that the decisions you make aren’t permanent and this is any easy enough job to DIY. If you aren’t happy with your choices, you can always make adjustments at some point down the line. Let’s now take a look at a few ways in which you can make color scheme choosing that little bit more straightforward.

Note the Rooms that Are Visible to One Another

Start by going on a little walking tour of your own house. Really notice that spaces that you can see from each room. You can also bring a sketchpad along with you so you essentially create a floorplan of your home which will inform the decisions that you make along the way.

Start with the Main Room and Move on From Here

If you are going to start with a single room and work your way outwards, you will want it to be the one which is biggest and most centrally located. Also, think about the area in which most of the activity in the home takes place – it is most likely to be your living room or kitchen. If you want to go for a fairly safe option, try something which is soft and neutral.

Use Shades of the Same Hue

After you have settled on a color scheme which works well for the main room of your house, you can then move onto adjacent rooms or walls using shades of the same hue. Start off by looking at the next color up or down or you could even simply add some white to your original color. This helps to give your home a sense of depth, as well as some consistency which spreads throughout the entire place.

Work on One Floor at a Time

If there is the ideal place to separate and try something different, it is certainly between floors of your house. Ultimately, you can create a completely new look and style between the upstairs and downstairs portions of your home. This also helps the project feel a lot more manageable so you don’t get overwhelmed by the scale of what you have in front of you. As for the connecting spaces, it is usually standard practice to keep these fairly neutral.

Test Out Your Potential Palette

It is always a good idea to bring back home some test pots of paint as the ones that you think look fantastic in the store can appear totally different when they are up on your walls. Check out the benefits of using Real Milk Paint for your projects. After all, the quality of the paint matters as well as the color.

Choosing a color scheme for your entire house can be overwhelming, but it is also an experience that you should enjoy. Take your time to try out plenty of different options before you settle on one which works best for you.

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