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Common Workplace Accidents

Common Workplace Accidents

Workplace accidents are unfortunately not uncommon. Many people suffer incidents in their working environment every year. There are so many different accidents and injuries that can occur across all work environments.  From industrial deafness to construction accidents, these injuries differ dramatically. We are going to give a glimpse at some of the most common injuries in further detail. So, let’s take a further look…

What are the various types of work accident compensation claims?

  •       Work accident claims
  •       Work injury
  •       Accident at work claims
  •       Product liability claims
  •       Health and safety at work
  •       Vibration white finger claims
  •       Industrial deafness claims
  •       Industrial injury compensation
  •       Construction accidents
  •       Repetitive strain injury claims

Repetitive Strain Injury

What is RSI? This is essentially damage to your tissues, thus you will experience pain in your muscles, nerves or tendons if you have this type of injury. It is caused through overuse or misuse and therefore individuals can experience this type of injury in a number of different working environments. From extensive use of the phone to manual heavy lifting, the scenarios vary. Nonetheless, one of the most common reasons for RSI is overuse of the computer. Individuals who sit at the disk all day can experience tissue damage.


First and foremost, let’s begin by determining what a hernia actually is. This is an injury that is caused because an internal part of your body, usually an organ, has pushed through a weakness in the surrounding tissue wall or muscle. Typically, such muscle or tissue should be tight and strong enough to ensure your organs are in place.

Who can sustain a hernia? Literally anyone! There are many ways to end up suffering from such an injury. However, when it comes to the workplace, there are indeed a whole host of unique scenarios that can lead to this injury arising. Hernias are most common with those that are involved in heavy lifting, such as warehouse workers, construction workers and delivery drivers.

Work Related Upper Limb Disorder

There are many different types of accidents that can occur in the workplace. A lot of these incidents fall under the term ‘Work Related Upper Limb Disorder’. You will also commonly see this abbreviated to WRULD or ULD. This term covers varies different injuries that all fall under the same type of category.

This phrase relates to any type of injuries that have occurred because of an individual repeating the same physical movement. As a result, they will have experienced damage to their soft tissues, muscles, tendons and nerves. Symptoms vary, yet they include the likes of pain, loss of grip, weakness, numbness and swelling.

What are some examples of Work Related Upper Limb Disorders? The list truly is extensive. Nonetheless, examples range from Tenosynovitis and Golfer’s Elbow, to Ganglion and Epicondylitis, to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Bursitis.

Vibration White Finger

This is an injury that is caused as a result of prolonged use of vibrating machinery or handheld tools. Generally, most people experience the feeling of their fingers or finger tips going numb and turning white. Luckily most individuals make a full recovery. Nonetheless, aside from vibration white finger syndrome there are other types of injuries caused by the use of vibrating machinery. Let’s take a look at these in further detail…

  •   Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – This syndrome causes numbness and tingling in the fingers. It happens because the injury has been caused to the median nerve at the carpal tunnel in the hand and wrist. It can be particularly problematic in the evening.
  •   Nerve Damage – Nerve damage can cause pins and needles, tingling and the loss of the sense of touch.
  •   Musculoskeletal Problems – This is an injury to the joints and can result in loss of grip.
  •   Raynaud’s Phenomenon – Finger tips or fingers blanch or turn white.

What should you do if you have an accident at work?

You may be thinking about using a company like the NBA law firm if you’re interested in making a claim because the workplace accident was not your fault. If you suffer an accident at work, there are several steps you need to take to ensure you have the best chance of a successful claim. Firstly, if you have suffered any type of injury, you have to go and get medical attention. You cannot expect to make a personal injury claim if there is no record of you having visited a doctor. In addition to this, you need to record any injury in an accident book. You should check your contract to find out information regarding accident or sick pay in relation to your company specifically. In some instances you will also need to ensure your employer has reported the incident to the Health and Safety Executive. Finally, it is advisable to keep track of all the expenses you have encountered as a result of your injury.

To conclude, there are so many different accidents that can happen in the workplace today. We hope this article has shed some light on this for you. It is the duty of all employers to make sure that they provide a safe and healthy work environment such as safety training in Toronto.  If they have failed to do this, and you have been injured as a consequence, then you definitely need to look into escalating further.

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