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Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

The year 2020 has changed our daily lives, as well as how we do business. Digital marketing trends that were predicted for this year have come to a halt, or they were changed to fit our circumstances. As we are approaching 2021, marketing researchers are looking for new ways on how to improve the digital marketing landscape. Even though it’s impossible to predict how the next year will unfold, there are still tried-and-true, as well as new ways on how you can improve your marketing strategies. Read on to see digital marketing trends for 2021.

Interactive Content

Interactive content is not a new practice, but it’s gaining new recognition as an easy way to connect with your customers and find out their needs. Interactive content increases engagement with your brand and attracts more users. Most platforms and almost every social media app have many interactive features that allow you to reach out to your customers. Some of the most used and popular features are stories, polls, question boxes, quizzes, and others. They are an easy way for users to engage with you and spend more time on your website, post, or story. This helps improve your algorithm position and reach new users. Interactive content allows you to see your user’s likes and dislikes and opinions. With this information, you can customize the content you are placing out to be more personalized.

Shop-integrated Posts

We have come a long way in terms of online shopping. With the rise of social media, especially Instagram, people are spending more time scrolling through posts and accounts. E-commerce is also important now due to frequent lockdowns, and an inability for in-person shopping. When you combine these two aspects, posts on Instagram can serve as a shop for your brand. It’s important to streamline and reduce the steps the customer needs to take to buy your product. Now, you can put a price on a picture of your product, and customers can directly shop from it—no need for tedious shop searches.

Micro-Influencer Marketing

We have seen influencers successfully advertise products and services for a long while. But after some time, they become like an advertising machine, and their viewers can’t differentiate between their real opinions and advertisement. That’s why brands have been turning to smaller influencers to target smaller, specific groups of followers and potential customers. Micro-influencers have a closer relationship with their audience. Their recommendations have a higher potential of turning into purchases, so switch your advertising to their side.

Visual Searches SEO

SEO is a great way for your website and products to appear in top searches, and it was mostly used for articles. Now, besides word searches, we can use photos and videos to search for information. Users can upload a photo and search for similar photos, or discover the source of an image. New features allow to search a specific part of a picture or video and get search results for that part. An example—searching for a photo with a piece of clothing and getting search results on that product’s page. Image and video SEO is a new way to search, so make sure your photos and video are of great quality with keywords in descriptions. If you want high-quality videos, video production Sydney studios can help you.

Non-Targeted Advertising

Until now, advertising has been targeted to specific users, depending on their searches and clicks. Even though that works, non-targeted advertising can reach more users, who can get interested in your product or service. Non-targeted advertising offers more variety in ads we see, as opposed to targeted advertising that can often show us the product we already bought. Due to Coronavirus lockdowns, millions of people have been spending their time alone, online, and they need entertainment and new interests. Non-targeted advertising can open users to new interests, products, and services.

Digital marketing trends are always changing and evolving with the evolution of the internet and our needs. The global move to a mostly online presence demands that companies change their approach on how they advertise and market their products and services. These digital marketing trends can help you improve your reach and get connected with new users, and turn them into recurring customers.

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