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DIY Tips for a Pet – Friendly Garden

DIY Tips for a Pet – Friendly Garden

When you have a pet in your life, they are considered a treasured member of the family so it’s only right they have a safe place to run around in without risk of harm or hazard. Of course, you can’t keep an eye on them at all times of the day but knowing that you’ve at least made your garden pet-friendly can give you plenty of peace of mind.

Your garden can be a brilliant place for your furry family member to run around and let off steam however, it can also a place to create chaos. From digging numerous holes, leaving hidden presents on the lawn (number twos) to eating all your lovely plants. Luckily, we have some tricks up our sleeve to ensure you can have a pretty and pet-friendly garden for you and your friend.

Secure Your Garden

This should be the first thing on any prospective pet-owners list. Depending on the breed of dog in your life, you may need to bury fence foundations lower or extend fences up to prevent diggers getting under and jumpers getting over. If you have a garden gate, make sure this is also of sufficient height (6 foot and above is recommended) and kept locked at all times to prevent escape artists making a run for it.

Give Your Dog a Bathroom

Don’t take this to mean you need to go out and get a toilet to plumb in the garden (although this could be nice for those long, lazy, summer afternoons). Instead, you can train your dog to use one area of the garden as his regular toilet spot. Consider the amount of space your breed will need (scale up for big dogs, little areas for the littles) and just remember to keep their spot clean, otherwise your pup could turn his nose up and use somewhere else.

Pretty Plants Provide Entertainment

When choosing plants to add to your garden, always consider dog-friendly, robust plants that won’t cause poisoning or stomach upset on ingestion. Lavender is a good example, it’s a hardy plant that grows in large bushes when established, not only will it leave your dog smelling divine if they run through them, but they are less likely to snap and break off. Tall grasses and ferns that sway and move in the breeze can also be planted to provide entertainment to your dog.

If your dog has a habit of digging up your plants, consider using raised planters to protect them, not only can this create lovely features in your garden but is a clear border that can be used to encourage faster boundary training. 

Introduce Surface Textures

Creating an area that keeps all your dog’s senses engaged is a good way to keep the brain active and stimulated, preventing them from getting bored and potentially causing trouble. The best way to engage touch is to introduce different textures for your dog to walk on in the garden. An easy way to do this and also, a bonus way to prevent digging and make cleaning the garden easier, is to lay artificial grass in your garden. The soft fibres feel lovely under-paw and an artificial garden can be quickly and easily hosed down of doggy messes, preventing nasty yellow grass spots from urine too.

Don’t Forget Shade

We all like to get out in the sun however, we all feel it’s effects and likes to retreat into the shade too. Make sure your garden has a shady area or two with access to water for your dog to kick back in when the sun reaches its peak or playtime has left him worn-out. Trees and awning are a great way to introduce shade and dog-houses can provide a cool and peaceful space of their own to snooze.

When you are a dog owner, their safety is your concern and putting these practices in place in your garden can help keep your dog safe and their mind stimulated while providing him home comforts. Why not spend the rest of the summer creating a nice area that your dog can also enjoy in the winter? Artificial grass garden is the perfect way to prevent muddy paws during the damper seasons and those shady areas will also provide cover from any light showers. We hope with this advice you can create a garden space that both you and your pet can enjoy for years to come!

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