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Essential Home Checks To Do Before Winter Is Upon Us

Essential Home Checks To Do Before Winter Is Upon Us

Now that fall is well underway, we must begin to start thinking about home checks to make around the house before the weather gets too cold to do anything about it. Many people make the mistake of not doing checks, and then end up being landed with a massive problem that needs immediately repairing. Not only is this inconvenient in the winter, but it’s also likely to be costly which isn’t great considering Christmas is just around the corner. Here are some home checks you should do before winter is upon us.


If you have a fireplace in your home, checking it for any blockages or disrepair is important before the colder weather hits us. Getting any minor damages fixed and giving it a good clean will prevent you from running into any problems during the cold months; therefore keeping you and your family warm when it’s needed the most.

Water pipes

Checking your plumbing before any icy nights appear is imperative to ensuring you won’t have to make any repairs over the winter months. If you’re not sure what to look for then you should order a plumber to come and take a look at the condition of your waterworks to make sure that no problems will arise during the winter. Like with many things, getting any minor repairs done now will save you from having to spend big amounts in one bulk.

Central heating

Be sure to check your thermostat as early as possible to make sure that your heating system is going to be able to handle heating your home this winter. Make sure to check your boiler and be sure to hire a heating professional to come and take a look at the pipes leading to your radiators. They will also be able to tell if your radiator needs bleeding and if any other repairs need to be made. Don’t wait for it to completely fail before getting a professional to look at it, because you could be left without heating for a few days.

To back yourself up and ensure that you and your family will be warm this winter, consider buying some halogen heaters to place around your home. They are a fabulous and cheap alternative to gas fires, and they run on pence an hour from your electric bill. One medium sized heater would be enough to heat a large room, or two small to medium sized rooms. They come with safety features like turning off when taken off their stands too. They are also super cheap to buy, ranging from £15 – £30 for one that will last you for many years to come.

Make sure to do these three home checks before the winter arrives to save you forking out a large amount of money if something goes wrong during the winter months. Doing these checks will reduce the chance of anything going wrong! Plus, it’s easier to pay small amounts for minor repairs rather than one massive bill. Lastly, enjoy the festive season!

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