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Exercises for a Healthier Skin

Exercises for a Healthier Skin

If only a single splash of rich moisturizer could wipe away the sun-caused lines. But, luckily, physical activity is known to be the go-to skincare ingredient that will shave off years, detox your body, improve your sleep, serve as a vent, and keep your skin toned, healthy and vibrant for years to come.

But for those of you who don’t go nuts over a jog or a gym session, there are many exercises you can perform at home, with the same skin health-boosting perks of a hardcore gym routine. Let’s take a closer look at these skin-friendly exercises you can incorporate into your everyday schedule!

Warm up with yoga

Every workout needs a warmup, but if you’re sick of those repetitive drills, you can start off your training session with some skin-perfect yoga asanas that will get your blood pumping, increase your heartrate and improve your mobility. If you’re already a yoga buff, you can mix these with your regular Sun Salutations, and within a few reps, you’ll be ready for your workout.

Yoga is known to boost circulation, enhance your metabolism and push more oxygen into your blood, and your complexion will appreciate the effort. With all those lovely processes happening in your body, your skin will soon feel the glow!

Jump rope

Cardiovascular exercises are the staple of a strong heart, but also of a radiant complexion. To avoid too much sun exposure which is harmful for your beautiful skin, an indoor cardio routine will give you all the perks without overburdening your lovely pores.

Even the smallest of apartments have enough room for exercises that require little movement, and jump rope is the perfect choice. Even 15 minutes of vigorous skipping will be powerful enough to increase your heartrate, burn fat and help your skin flush out toxins.  

Bodyweight basics

You don’t have to hit the gym to reap the rewards of the most powerful exercises for your entire body, all of which are going to give you that desired post-workout glow. Keep in mind that you don’t have to stick to the same routine day after day, so you can mix, combine and upgrade these exercises as you go, just make sure you give them your absolute best.

Lower body exercises such as squats, deadlifts, lunges, and their many variations can be combined with upper body work, including pushups, chair dips, the superman, and pullups if possible. To avoid chafing and skin damage, make sure you’re wearing high-quality bodybuilding clothing, as it is designed to let your skin breathe, remove sweat and prevent redness and irritation.

Mind your core

If you’re already a fitness enthusiast and you know your way around a routine, you can blend several exercises into a giant set, which will push your body to burn more fat, sweat more (thus get rid of toxins) and get more oxygen to your precious complexion.

And a perfect way to add an extra kick to your lower-upper set is to add a core-focused exercise that will keep you active for at least an added minute or two, toning your entire body and improving your strength. Think: planks, Russian twists, leg raises, bicycle abs, sit-ups and the like. Make them versatile, progressively increase their level of difficulty and you’ll quickly notice your waist and your pores shrinking.

Cool off

After you’ve repeated the super and the giant sets for at least three to four times, with about one minute of rest between them, it’s time to give your body some time to cool down, slow down your heartrate and get ready for the rest of your day.

Certain yoga asanas can come in handy here as well, but you can target muscles with specific stretches, foam roll if you can, or use a sturdy lacrosse ball for a self-massage to get rid of those knots and tight spots in your muscles after a tough routine. This also gives your skin some time to cool down, restore your normal body temperature, and relax – and we all know that getting rid of stress is the key to a youthful glow!

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