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Finding Your Personal Style 101

Finding Your Personal Style 101

Have you always wanted to look like those handsome people from the latest magazines and red carpets? Well, luckily, with so many options available, you can do it easily, with just a little bit of effort. While finding your personal style may seem like a hassle, by following a few simple pointers it will be a piece of cake. You’ll be turning heads before you know it, if only you stick to the following guidelines.

Go through your wardrobe

The first step to discovering your style is going through your wardrobe. If your pieces revolve mostly around hoodies, sweatpants, jeans and plain t-shirts, you’re in a pickle. What you should know is that diversity is everything. You must own at least three different clothing items in the whole bunch of similar pieces. Once you’ve rummaged through the pile of old clothes, it’s time you tried them on. Everything should look like it’s been made precisely for your build, otherwise, you’ll only look frumpy. If none of your clothes fits as they should, it’s time to start browsing through the vast universe that is called the internet.

Look for inspiration online

If you don’t know what your style is and you’re nowhere near envisioning what it should be, you simply must look for inspiration. The safest choice is Pinterest with so many fashion boards just waiting for you to open them and put together your next iconic ensemble. You’ve certainly had that one (or more) celebrity whose fashion choices you’ve always admired, and now is the perfect time to try and replicate their style by adding a few of your personal touches. Fashion magazines, as well as websites, can also serve as a good source of information, so don’t be afraid to start browsing for the next big outfit that will turn your wardrobe game up a notch.

Invest in statement pieces

If you didn’t know it before, we’re here to educate you on a few statement pieces that you must have in your wardrobe if you want to look dashing. Regardless of the style you want to pull off, you must have a pair of jeans that fit perfectly, a leather jacket, a white dress shirt, a formal suit and T-shirts in basic colours such as white, black and grey. To make the entire outfit look put-together, you’ll need accessories such as watches, necklaces and bracelets that will only add to your personal style. Look for trendy Swiss watches online and feel free to invest in a timepiece that will last forever while also giving a certain edge to every single outfit you come up with.

Keep the clothes wrinkle-free

One of the most important lessons to learn when looking for your personal style is that wrinkles are not allowed. Your clothes must always be ironed if you want to look presentable. Whether you decide to wear dress shirts and trousers paired with formal dress shoes or you feel more comfortable in a plaid shirt and a pair of jeans alongside Chelsea boots, all of the clothes should be wrinkle-free. Press them nicely to always look presentable.

Look for a tailor

Sometimes, no matter how much the trends advance and how many options we get, you can’t seem to find the clothes that fit just right. In that case, you should think about finding a tailor that will make clothes precisely according to your measurements. That way, you’ll always have shirts fit like a glove and never have to stress about tucking it in because it doesn’t look like it’s supposed to when it’s loose.

Finding your personal style has never been easier. All you should do it go through your current clothes and figure out what it is that makes them look unsuitable. Look for inspiration online and consider a tailor that will make all your clothes look fabulous on you.

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