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Guide To Melbourne’s Hidden Wonders: 9 Unusual Things to Do

Guide To Melbourne’s Hidden Wonders: 9 Unusual Things to Do

You have two choices when you pick a destination such as travelling to a great big city like Melbourne. If you’re single and travelling, you might want to be a typical tourist and visit only the most commonly recommended locations. The other option is to go down the alternative path and visit different locations, the ones you need to research first by reading a guide like this. Such guides are also useful if you’ve already been to that location and you want to do something different this time. 

Visit a museum after dark

Visiting a museum is definitely a typical tourist attraction. However, visiting a museum after dark is definitely not as common. There’s an after-hours museum tour at the Melbourne Museum, and it’s known as the Nocturnal Museum After Dark. The hours will be interesting even to those who travel solo, as they are in the evening. 

Stop by the retro arcade

If you want to spend the night playing retro games, eating burgers and drinking fine craft beer, there’s a perfect bar for that. There’s a bar that’s also an arcade and it’s called Bartronica. Especially if you’re nostalgic for the ‘90s kind of fun, don’t miss out on the night of pinball machines and great drinks. 

Start your night out at a science-themed bar

If you’re in the mood to show off on social media, you should plan a night out at a science-themed bar. Stop by the bar called the Croft Institute, and you’ll feel like you’ve visited an old-school laboratory. Even the drinks are themed and served on science equipment like beakers and Bunsen burners.

End your night at a palace

Typical Melbourne night out for tourists can start at a unique bar and end at a special location. One of those special locations is a Pink Palace, where dreams become reality. Especially for those heartbroken tourists who decide to visit Melbourne to mend their hearts, a few hours at a palace will definitely cure every heart. 

Visit a magical store

If you’ve always been curious about tarot, crystals, and the spiritual world, you can satisfy your curiosity at a store called Muses of Mystery. It’s an authentic witchcraft store where they also host different workshops, meditation classes and such. You can get some amazing jewellery, oil blends, candles, and maybe even some spells or magic potions during your visit. 

Visit an old prison

Melbourne has several options if you’re in the mood to join a tour of two but only those with alternative vibes. The first one is the tour of an abandoned prison called the Pentridge Prison Tour. You’ll get to explore the Pentridge Prison D Division and learn about its history and maybe even hear a haunting story.

Visit the Old Melbourne Gaol

For history lovers, especially lovers of dark history, there’s another special tour in Melbourne. You can visit a former prison-turned-museum known as the Old Melbourne Gaol. You can take different tours, depending on your interest and curiosity. You can get a simple tour to learn about its history, take it up a level, and go on a ghost tour of the Old Gaol. 

Immersive street art experiences

Melbourne is famous for its street art, alleyways adorned with unique pieces of art and also places where you can go for a fully immersive experience. You can go on a street art tour that explores these alleyways or visit a studio with artists. A place called the Blender Studios is home to more than 20 artists; you can see them create or attend workshops. 

Visit the world’s largest digital art gallery

The last one on the list of unusual things to do is visit the world’s largest digital art gallery. Even though this is a popular location in Melbourne, it’s still unusual because digital art galleries are still a novelty. THE LUME Melbourne hosts an interactive digital art exhibition, and you can experience it by walking, sitting down, or even lying down on the floor. From digital installations to a gallery of original works, it will take you a few hours to absorb everything. 

Whether you’re into street art, gastronomy, stargazing, or urban exploration, Melbourne offers something extraordinary. Find the ones you prefer the most and venture off to explore Melbourne’s extraordinary adventures.