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Haircuts That Will Shave Years Off Your Face

Haircuts That Will Shave Years Off Your Face

Are you ready for a change? If you’re tired of your old haircut and want to modernize your look, you have a bunch of different hairstyle at your disposal. But while many styles look great on the 19-year-old models in hairstyle magazines, it doesn’t mean they will look good on your more mature face. However, there are plenty of styles to choose from that will not only fit your years but also make you look young and fresh.

Feathered shoulder-length

This hairstyle beloved by celebrities looks good on absolutely anyone. It’s also very easy to customize, so your stylist can achieve a perfectly layered look for your face. Hairstyles that just skim your shoulders are flattering since they gently graze your décolletage and frame the face. These longer bobs are great for hair that’s beginning to thin since it creates an illusion of youthful fullness. Ask to keep it minimal on layering and break up the blunt outline to keep things light, fresh and modern.

Modern bangs

The easiest way to switch up your style is to get bangs, but you need to find a style and length that highlights your best features. If you want to draw attention to your eyes, opt for a full, blunt fringe that frames the face. The rest of us will probably look flattering with softer gradient bangs. Be mindful of the length—you don’t want them too short, otherwise, they will attract attention to those pesky lines around the eyes.

Soft waves

If you suffer from terminally thin hair, opt for smooth and oversized waves that will show off your hair’s natural gloss and make your locks look lustrous. Their bounce will create an illusion of dimension and depth for that thick-looking hairstyle. To get the look, you first need to have some length to your hair which can easily be solved with practical clip in hair extensions that are easy to put in, remove and style. Human hair ones are the best and will easily blend with your hair. Next, section the hair, wrap around a curling iron and alternate the way curls fall (away and towards your face). Lastly, gently brush curls with your fingers and set them with hairspray!

Layered short cut

Too many layers can make you look like you dropped straight out of the 90s, but the right amount of stylish layers can enhance your hair’s fullness and liven up those limp locks. If your layers are too short, it will look outdated due to the roundness, but if you keep things longer, you will look pretty 2021. Have the weight of your hair removed with slicing or razoring techniques for that natural effect.

Asymmetrical crop

Very long locks with a lot of texture might look good on some, but they cause the eyes to go all over your body and emphasize any bloated areas if you have any. On the other hand, a chic uneven bob that’s leaning on one side only causes eyes to go up and down, visually stretching and slimming you. This look can shed pounds and years off your face. Additionally, the angular cut will make your cheekbones look more chiseled and infuse your look with a youthful edge. Want this look but don’t know how to ask for it? Just ask for a blunt asymmetrical cut with light textures on the ends and bangs that go to the side—your stylist will know exactly where to go from here.

These five chic hairstyles will not only freshen up your look and spice things up but also help you look young and edgy. Get ready to blend in with the young crowd and relieve your best years in 2021 thanks to your boost of confidence and style.