Hairdos To Throw Together In 5 Minutes

Hairdos To Throw Together In 5 Minutes

Doing your hair in the morning, or for a night out, can be quite a therapeutic experience. Prettying yourself up even more than you already are means you enjoy looking in the mirror a lot more. Yet sometimes it seems more trouble than it’s worth, and you even want to shave it off at sometimes. So what are some hairdos you can fix up in five minutes?

Ponytail With A Twist

Okay so it’s a literal twist. Run some mousse through your strands beforehand or spray it with hairspray when you’ve done this one. When you put your hair up, pull it round to the side and split your hair into two. Then knot the two together lightly, and knot again, and once again after that. Then slide in a bobby pin or two to keep it all together. It looks sleek and works well for professional settings. Although you may have to practice the knotting a few times the night before if you want a few extra minutes in bed in the morning.

A Good Ol’ Tieback

Good for longer hair. If you need some extensions for this, put it on hold for a few days and check out something like a glam seamless review to find the easiest ones to put in that still look good. Break out your curling irons and go to town on the entirety of your hair.

Tousle most of your strands over one shoulder. Then take one section of your hair and twist it around the back of your head and pin it. Tease for volume, and done.


Whether you like your hair in a messy bun or prefer to do the whole updo sleek and sexy, a bun can work for anyone. Putting your hair in a bun in general is easy and quick to do, but we want them to hold up and look damn good at the same time.

Even if you have short hair, a bun could still work for you if you want the strands out of your face. A double knot at the back of your head looks cute. Throw on some texture spray, part hair into four sections from the front and back, then coil and pin.


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