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Hey! Why Didn’t My Diet Work?

Hey! Why Didn’t My Diet Work?

It’s a question that we all tend to our ask ourselves when we’ve committed to a diet, and it hasn’t delivered the results that we hoped for. I know I’ve asked this question of myself before, I’m sure you have too. But what’s the answer? As it turns out, there could be quite a few.

Were You Honest?

When you diet, it’s important that you keep track of what you have been eating, how often you have been working out and the level of success that you have achieved with your diet plan. Often, you’ll find that people start to cheat themselves and then wonder why they didn’t see the results. This is why it’s a good idea to actually keep a full written down plan. That way you can look back and make sure that you were actually following the diet carefully.

Did You Read The Instructions?

Most diets have rather specific instructions related to what you can and can’t eat. Sometimes, it’s a list of foods. For example, people on the HCG diet can only eat these approved foods. If you don’t follow the plan, it’s probably not going to work. It actually goes further beyond that. Certain makeups should also not be used on the HCG diet. Some makeups contain fats and oils that your body absorbs and can cause you to gain weight. Weird and yet completely true. So, when you start a diet make sure you are reading the instructions carefully and following them to a tee.

Were You Being Unrealistic?

We all wish that dieting had an effect in just a couple of weeks or even days, but that’s just not being realistic. If often takes weeks or even months for dieting to show any effect at all. So, if you are expecting instant results, you’re setting yourself up to be disappointed. Instead, you should stick to the diet for a year. After a year if you don’t see any changes, then there’s probably something wrong.

Did You Change The Quantity?

There are plenty of diets that don’t ask you to change the quantity of the food you’re eating. Instead, they ask you to cut out certain foods and focus on others. However, you might find yourself eating more of the foods that you’re allowed to eat to compensate for the foods that are no longer on the menu. Do this, and you’ll probably see very little effect from your diet because eating more of healthy foods is still eating more.

Are You Sure They’re Cheat Days?

Plenty of diets encourage cheat days, but you have to be careful that one day doesn’t become a weekend or one week on, one week off. If you do this, you’ll be yo-yo dieting. Essentially, as soon as you take the weight off, you’ll put it back on again, eventually leading to the diet having no impact at all. So be careful of those cheat days and make sure that it is just a one off treat.

Take this advice, and you should see better results next time you go on a diet.

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