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Holiday Destinations You Should Visit in 2020

Holiday Destinations You Should Visit in 2020

A new year gives us new opportunities. Even though most of our new year’s resolutions are about business success, working out, or being a “batter” version of ourselves, maybe we should focus on the activities that bring us joy, like travelling.

For indecisive individuals, finding the perfect destination that satisfies all of your wants and needs can be extremely tiring. What is a worthy destination after all? Whether you’re planning your family vacation, travelling solo or going on the honeymoon, the perfect destination should be up to your expectations and nothing less. However, finding such a destination can be hard.

Depending on the purpose of your voyage, here’s the list best holiday destinations for this year. Whether you’re planning on going sightseeing and learning about history or culture, going shopping, exploring or just relaxing, there is a destination to meet everybody’s needs.

1. Go big or go “Homer”

Known for its great history and immensely interesting mythology, Greece has to offer a wide variety of activities for everyone. Whether you want to relax on one of the beautiful beaches (Greece has literally millions of them), explore nature, learn something about the history and mythology, try Greek gyros, or indulge in various sports activities, you can do that almost anywhere in Greece.

Greek islands and popular vacation destination usually grapple with thousands of tourists. However, not everyone is a fan of crowded beaches and loaded nightclubs. In 2020, prospective visitors will visit the mainland of this gorgeous country off-season. This Mediterranean paradise is ideal for those with an adventurous spirit. One of many hiking trails is located on the Mount Olympus, the tallest peak in Greece. It’s famous for its mythological background as it’s supposed to be home to Greek gods and goddesses. Even though most of the trail is easy and accessible, make sure you have your hiking essentials with you.

Besides concurring Mt Olympus, Greece offers activities that are more suitable for families. If you’re keen on learning about history and nature through entertaining outdoor activities head to Crete. By sailing, swimming, hiking and mountain biking, your whole family can have fun, stay physically active and learn something new. Through this adventure, you’ll “discover” Venetian fortress from the 16th century and learn about the long history of Greek invaders.

2. “Walk like an Egyptian”

The country of the burning sun and the Great Pyramids, Egyptian civilisation is amongst the oldest civilisations in the world. It dates from around 3100 BC. However, modern Egypt is a very popular tourist destination nowadays. Besides taking a guided tour of Pyramids, or sailing down the Nile, there are many more things to do that no tour guide will tell you about. This year in Egypt is all bout learning about forgotten cities and techniques.

If you’re visiting Giza, make sure to stop by the Papyrus Institute. You can learn how to make on one of the first papers invented. Even though the paper was firstly invented in China, Egypt is known for its papyrus. Ancient Egyptians used to make writing material out of papyrus tree that even today grows along the Nile. The pyramids aren’t the only popular burial place in Egypt. Zawiyyet al-Mayyiteen, also known as the City of Dead, is one of the largest cemeteries on the planet. It spreads on the area of many kilometres and is located just outside the city of Minya. Explore the rows of hauntingly beautiful white domes and capture utterly beautiful but creepy sunset photographs.

Once you’ve finished your tour of the city of the dead, head to the Abu Qir Bay, where you’ll see the Lost City under the see. The city of Tonis-Heraklion, once a mere legend, has now been turned into a fascinating experience for history enthusiasts and thrill-seeking travellers from all around the globe. Even though diving as a beginner may be scary, catching a glimpse of life in Egypt 2300 years ago is totally worth overcoming your fears. In this submerged city, you can see anchors, ships, caskets of gold, tall statues and most importantly, what’s left of the massive temple dedicated to one of the Gods.

3. Leaving a “pizza” your heart in Italy

Once you visit this breathtakingly beautiful country, you can’t help yourself but leave a piece of your heart in Italy. Whether you’re a fan of pasta, pizza, lasagne, gelato or espresso, it’s guaranteed that you won’t stay hungry in this land of tasty food. Where ever you set your foot in Italy, you won’t make a mistake. Whether you decide to ride the gondola through the channels of Venice or raid the art museums in Florence, you will have the time of your life. Every city, town or village has its unique charm that will make you want to move there and start a new life as a landscape painter.

Even though Italy is renowned for its stunning cities, in 2020 exploring Italian nature will be a true hit. Instead of heading to one of many Italian beaches, swim in the warm water of Lake Como. It’s located at the foot of the Alps and surrounded by rustic and peaceful villages which makes it ideal for relaxing family vacation. Spend the day sunbathing, or photographing the sophisticated architecture of Bellagio, an absolutely charming lakeside village.

Tuscany is a region of some of the most stunning cities, however, we must not forget about the sensational beauty of the countryside. Tuscany is a place of complete mind and body balance. While you’re standing on a sunny hill, breathing in the fresh air and the smell of grapes, your life will seem like it’s perfectly aligned. Take a day off and tour well-known vineyards between Siena and Florence. Enjoy the harmony of your senses, and allow your papillae to fully taste the world’s best wines.

4. This destination really “clicked” with me

Famous for clicking language, Namibia has to offer an array of fascinating nature and cultural experiences for tourists. Even though this African country isn’t a popular touristic destination, 2020 brings us the adventuristic spirit and remote locations for exploring.

Straight from the horror film, the Skeleton Coast is located in southern Namibia. It’s named after the seal and whale bones that used to wash up on the shore. Besides that, the ocean fog and old shipwrecks from World War II only add up to the creepy vibe. Today, this region is famous for its varied wildlife and vegetation that make this coast enchantingly beautiful. Sand dunes, desert plains and fossil beds mark this captivating coastline. Sadly, only the small part of this coast can be seen on foot, however, you can take a plane safari and spot sea lions, seals and whales along the coast, or giraffes, elephants, baboons, lions and many more.

If you’re curious about African tribes, head north-west and you’ll have a unique chance to meet semi-nomadic people called Himba. They are one of the rare tribes that live in a mountainous rugged terrain trying to sustain from external influences.  This fascinating group lives off farming and selling traditional jewellery. Every true adventurer would never decline an offer to meet such an intriguing cultural group.

5. No “Chili” weather this year

Stuff your tortilla with eggs and spicy bean chilli and tour this magnificent country- Mexico. But don’t forget to put on your sombrero and be moderate in drinking tequila. Trust me, you don’t want to miss that piñata. Even though Mexico is most famous for its distinctive cuisine, there are many beautiful places and sights to see in this country. Besides sandy beaches that are a perfect vacation destination, Mexico has to offer a rich cultural and historical heritage.

Usually forgotten, the city of Guadalajara is famous for its rich nightlife. It’s the 2nd largest city that has to offer numerous bars, restaurants and nightclubs. This city lives at night. It’s bursting with locals and tourists trying to find the best place to spend the night partying. At weekends, salesmen set up a night market where you can buy anything from local food to clothes and even souvenirs.

If 2020 is all about adventure and coming out of your comfort zone, then going for sky diving in Puerto Vallarta is an ideal holiday activity for you. Adrenaline junkies from all over the world gather up in Puerto Vallarta to check out the beach, but from the above. Seek professional tips if you’re first time skydiver. Make sure you sleep well and avoid drinking alcoholic beverages beforehand. Times literally flies by when you’re having fun. 

6. “Chanel” your inner diva

There is no better place to act like a diva than in Paris, France. The City of Lights famous for the Eifel tower and French cuisine has so much more to offer. For example, you can tour champagne and wine cellars and enjoy the bubbly or fruity taste of the best wines in the world. Or you can visit famous sights such as the Eifel tower, Louvre, or Arc de Triomphe.

In case you’re in the mood for a shopping spree, head down the Avenue des Champs- Elysée from the Arc de Triomphe. Since the 19th century, that avenue has been a symbol of fashion and “Joi de Vivre” of Paris. Today it remains a popular tourist destination. Try not to get carried away with shopping as Paris is an ideal place to waste money. Even if you do, you can take a low-interest rate loan from a company like OurMoneyMarket that will make your shopping more comfortable. It has a simple and flexible rate that you don’t have to repay right away.

Even though Paris is the city of history and tradition, that doesn’t stop it from being up to date with modern architecture. 2020 is a great year for Parisian tourism as not one, but two high-end modern hotels are about to open. So, if you’re keen on fancy receptions and expensive hotels, be sure to make your reservation on time.

7. “Back to the Future”

If you’re looking for a perfect blend of past, present, and future, you will find it in Japan. Possibilities in this city are endless, especially if you’re seeking an exciting journey where you’ll get to know a new culture.  Known for its technological advancements, Japan has one of the fastest trains in the world, and its futuristic railway has impressed many people. Besides the “fantasy” railway, Japan has to offer many modern shopping complexes and high-end hotels that are yet to be opened in 2020.

This leap year would not be completed without the Olympic games. This year Olympic games will be held in Tokyo, Japan, so if you’re a die-hard sports fan, make sure you don’t miss them.  There is nothing more thrilling than standing amongst people from all around the world, cheering and rooting for your country. The pride you feel once your country gains a medal is indescribable.

Other than urbanistic culture, Japan is home to breath-taking nature. Far away from the city noise, in the heart of Kyoto, there is an oasis of peace- a bamboo forest. To ward off evil, the bamboo forest is planted like a labyrinth that hides dozens of traditional shrines and temples. Relax your mind while you’re wandering through rows of 4 meters long bamboos, listening to nothing but a soft rustling sound bamboo stalks make and remote chanting of Japanese monks.


Travelling in 2020 should be a completely new experience. Avoid going on the commercial trips, gather up the courage and explore a country you’d never thought you’d visit. Resting on the beach is easy, but a true vacation for your body and mind is learning something new about different culture and history.

It doesn’t matter if you enjoy shopping, visiting a high-tech city or exploring the depths of oceans and peaks of the mountain, the world is full of distinctive and original places where you can fully relax and just be who you are. Don’t forget to try the traditional food specialties and chat with the locals; that’s the fastest and best way to get to know the country. So, don’t hesitate, buy that plane ticket and explore the world.

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