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House Improvements You Shouldn’t DIY

House Improvements You Shouldn’t DIY

Home improvement shows make various DIY projects look too easy, but they don’t provide all the information that is required for most tasks. There are certain home improvement projects that you can DIY. However, there are others that you shouldn’t. While DIY can save you money, it can also turn disastrous. Some home improvement tasks are simply too dangerous for you to complete yourself and sometimes the cost of buying equipment and tools required to complete the task is the same as hiring a professional to do it.

Following are some key house improvements you shouldn’t DIY:

Removing Wallpaper

removing wallpaper

If you have decorated your home with wallpaper which is now dingy, outdated, and ready to be replaced or removed, you may find yourself wondering whether you should complete the project yourself or hire a professional to do the job. The thing is, there is no way to know just how easy or difficult a wallpaper removal project will be before you begin. It is likely that the wallpaper will strip off with ease but there is also a possibility that it will cling to your walls.

Removing wallpaper generally involves saturating it with a special solvent so that it is easily separated from the wall’s surface. Applying the moisture can be tricky. If you apply too much moisture, it can cause damage to your walls. Drywall is particularly vulnerable to damage so extreme care is required. That’s why it is recommended that you hire a professional for this job. Professionals in this field have years of experience and any issue that can arise during the wallpaper removal process is well within their knowledge-base. Furthermore, they also specialize in removing the wallpaper efficiently without damaging the wall.

Fixing Plumbing Pipes

fixing plumbing pipes

Most people can replace a shower head or fix a leaky tap. But if the job involves major plumbing such as fixing plumbing pipes or putting in a bathtub, it is highly recommended that you hire professional help. There is a possibility of things getting out of hand quickly and causing major damage. Apart from this, there is a relatively large amount of room for error when it comes to plumbing work, which could lead to significant damage to your home. If you have little to no experience and you try to do the task yourself, you might end up making matters worse and spending more money in the long run. That’s why major plumbing work should be done by an experienced and licensed professional.

Electrical Wiring

Replacing a light fixture may be easy enough that you can do it yourself but upgrading or repairing a circuit board is a job that is best left to the professionals. Electrical work can be quite complicated and tricky. Not to mention it can be dangerous as well. If the required electrical work is major e.g. running new wiring, then it is highly recommended that you hire a licensed and experienced electrician. Apart from saving yourself from electric shock, you can rest easy knowing that this home improvement project will be completed as expected. You can be sure that there will be no lines around your house and no faulty wires.

Installing Appliances

installing appliances

Planning out a home improvement project like a kitchen renovation, that you need to install a new appliance for? Then keep in mind that DIY installation of appliances is more difficult than you might expect.

If you don’t have the right tools or experience, then you risk doing something wrong which can have long-term negative impacts on your appliance’s performance. Not to mention improper installation can also void the warranty and cost you money in the long run. That’s why hiring the services of an appliance installation expert is highly recommended as it is an easy and quick way to make sure that your appliances perform their best.

If you are still not convinced, then consider the time required to do the job. A professional will complete the job much faster without sacrificing the quality of the work. As a result, your appliance will work sooner and you will have the confidence that it will keep performing at its peak for a long time. So, a small additional cost of installation is worth it when you consider all of these benefits.

Fixing Up Roofing

fixing up roofing

The roof is one of the most important parts of any home. While the roof generally has longevity, a repair may be required after a few years. Fixing up roofing is one of those home improvement projects that cause the most injuries. If you don’t know how to properly fix up your roofing, then it is recommended that you have a professional do it. Professional roofers have the skills, experience, and equipment to repair the roof efficiently (while preventing damage to the house).

Re-Tiling Your Shower

retiling shower

If the tiles in your bathroom look grimy, then maybe it is time to consider re-tiling the bath or shower. Re-tiling your shower requires replacing everything e.g. the caulking, grout, and old tiles. The process can be quite complicated and doing it yourself is time-consuming and difficult. Re-tiling the shower is a messy job and getting the grout looking great takes a lot of diligence and patience. Often times, tile needs to be precisely cut to fit into small or awkwardly shaped corners. Because of these reasons and several others, you should let the professionals do the job and save yourself the frustration.

Although it can be tempting to undertake all the home improvement projects by yourself to save money, the cost of fixing a failed project is often times higher than the original cost of completing it. Not to mention some improvements can be dangerous as well e.g. electrical work. So, it is recommended that you learn about the home improvement projects that you can do yourself and the ones that should be left to professionals like a handyman near me. For certain projects, nothing can replace the years of skills and experience of a professional.

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