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How Do I Manage Someone Who Is Disorganized?

How Do I Manage Someone Who Is Disorganized?

Bosses have to deal with all kinds of personalities. Employees come in different shapes and sizes and it’s essential to get them on board asap. Otherwise, it may lead to discontent and a split in the camp.

For the most part, you know how to lead pretty much every and anyone; however, you’re struggling with the small percentage of disorganized workers. They are messy, late, and don’t seem to understand their clutter is damaging. You’re going red in the face trying to think of ways to make them less annoying and more productive.

Thankfully, you can bring the search to an end. Here are ways to manage people who are disorganized.

Understand The Size Of The Problem

Not to point fingers, but it may be more of a problem for you than anyone else. Bosses do things a certain way and don’t like it when others challenge their system. Is that what is going on here? Often, the sight of loose papers on a person’s desk makes you mad because it’s a difference in styles. You’re super tidy and they are a little cluttered. But, as long as the problem doesn’t impact their or their colleagues’ workloads, you may want to let it slide. Analyze whether they are late or lazy or always in a state of panic or whether they like “organized chaos.”

Look Under The Hood

It’s easy to brand someone as incompetent by the way they organize their desk. However, it’s often more complicated than whether they are disorganized or not. Sometimes, the stuff that is going on at home may affect how they present themselves in the office. Or, it may be a medical issue that you’re unaware of because they’ve kept it a secret. If the behavior is new, you should be empathetic and talk to them about their wellbeing. It may be that they need a carrot rather than a stick.

Pitch In

Sometimes, there are instances when you have to take action regardless. They may be going through some stuff, yet there are computer cables everywhere. If one person treads on them wrong or isn’t looking, there will be an investigation and a lawsuit. Not only could you lose an employee, but you could also lose a lot of money. In this case, you can help them with computer desk cable management by installing a holder. Fix it to bottom of their desk and the issue shouldn’t be a hazard any longer. If they aren’t proactive, be prepared to be the bigger person and pitch in with some solutions.

Create Standard Practices

One fantastic hack is to teach them the company way from the moment they step in the office. Corporate best practices are something they will have to follow or else it will get them in trouble. And, they get away with being compulsory without being overbearing. Make sure managers and mentors teach them how to store files, for example, or organize their desks to adhere to health and safety rules.

Sometimes, the boss needs to be sneaky to be effective.

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