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How to Tailor Your Office To Your Employees’ Needs

How to Tailor Your Office To Your Employees’ Needs

If you are determined to take on employees and move into a shiny new office, you will have to consider the interest of your business, your employees, and your customer as well. Depending on what industry you are in, you can find a solution that suits everyone, and helps you retain your talent. Below you will find a few tips on making your office fit for your employees.

Choose the Right Location

The most important thing for your employees will be the location of your offices. Consider that some of them will be commuting using public transport, others will drive, and some will choose cycling to work. Make sure that there is free parking nearby, so your workers don’t have to drive around the block for half an hour to find a spot. Search for suitable business properties in your area, and ask your employees’ opinion before you move.  


You will also have to create an inspiring space for your employees, so they feel good during the long hours they spend at the office. Use the exterior of your office for branding, and impressing your customers. The better your premises’ curb appeal is, the happier your employees will be to work there. It will also tell your story to your current and potential customers about your values and standards. Have a clean and informative sign installed, and add your personal brand’s touch to the building.

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Offer Flexible Working

Getting an office that is open 24 hours a day will help you offer more flexibility for your employees and customers. You might want to sign a contract that permits you to work at night and on the weekends. Your employees will appreciate flexible working patterns, and you will benefit from a friendlier and less hierarchical culture. You can increase employee satisfaction and commitment, as well as work morale.

Get a Kitchenette

If your offices are located in a remote area, you might want to allow your workers to take their own lunch and prepare their food in the kitchenette. A separate room with a microwave and fridge will not cost a lot of money, but can improve your employees’ satisfaction level and wellbeing. They will appreciate the opportunity to save money and socialize, instead of having to eat out every day.

Create a Chillout Area

Offering a chillout area at work can improve your workers’ morale and attitude. It can increase their commitment level and productivity. They will be more likely to socialize and make friends in the office. A chillout area can work in high-stress industries, and offices where employees spend long hour in front of the computer. Get a TV, a few gaming consoles, magazines, and an air hockey table in, and your employees will be grateful.

When it comes to employee satisfaction, little things make a huge difference. You need to consider the needs of your business first, but your workers are equally important. If you find a way to keep them happy by offering something extra, you can improve your retention rates, and save money long term.

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