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How to Boost Health without Too Much Effort

How to Boost Health without Too Much Effort

Taking better care of your health is not a 24/7 commitment. No matter how busy or lazy you are, you can always pay better attention to wellbeing thanks to these easy lifestyle changes. From better diet to light exercise, here are all the ways you can boost health quickly and easily:

Grab a scale and use it

Weighing yourself in the morning is an easy habit that can do a lot of good for your overall health. It will show you whether you need to tweak your diet and in what direction, and keep you aware of your physical condition. And it only takes a few seconds when you hop out of the bed—you can even do it while brushing your teeth.

Skip greasy snacks

If you’re busy or hate to cook, your easiest food option is definitely fast food and processed snacks. In most cases, veggies and fruit get completely ignored! However, if you choose to skin fresh ingredients, you’ll miss out on a world of vitamins and minerals. Veggies are especially beneficial and can help alleviate many chronic diseases, lower your calorie intake, maintain a healthy weight, regulate your bowel movement and give you more energy, so if you don’t cook with them, at least have them for a snack with some Greek yogurt.

Eat more fish

According to experts, every human should eat two servings of fish every week. Why? It’s tasty, rich in vitamin D and calcium and full of protein and omega-3 fatty acids that are great for heart health. If you’re new to fish dishes, opt for fatty fish like salmon (very rich in omega-3s) and tuna which is safe to eat three times a week. Add these to your menu and you’ll feel the benefits sooner than later.

Limit alcohol intake

While an occasional glass of red wine is not bad for health, it’s always best to stay away from alcohol. Limit your intake as much as you can and choose alcohol-free drinks when you go out. Traditional alcoholic drinks can damage your liver and even cause cancer (throat, liver or pancreas cancer), but also result in weight gain, depression, injuries, car wrecks and even suicides. If you love the taste of grownup drinks, check out Craft Zero stores and drink better, healthier and smarter. Non-alcoholic drinks will eliminate hangovers and all the other issues caused by alcohol.

Take an afternoon walk

Several studies state that people who take an afternoon walk during their lunch hour not only show better productivity and mood but also experience less stress throughout the day. Walking is an easy activity that anyone can do, and it’s effective for managing weight, lowering blood pressure and keeping your bones strong. And that’s not all—it will also take you outside into the sunshine and fresh air.

Use sunscreen

Sun exposure is healthy, but moderation is key. Skin cancer is one of the most common cancers and it is sparked by extreme sun exposure and damage. Luckily, if you just put on sunscreen whenever you’re planning to spend prolonged time in the sun, you can protect your skin, prevent skin damage yet still get a nice and healthy tan and plenty of vitamin D. Broad spectrum sun creams that block UVA  and UVB light are the best, so keep a bottle in your bag.

Breathe better

Stress is a silent killer, but you can alleviate it with deep, belly breathing. This easy way of breathing through the nose can boost your cognitive functions, lower fear and anxiety and improve memory retrieval. And most of all, it relieves stress, lowers heart rate and regulates your blood pressure. When you feel overwhelmed, try it!

These few easy tweaks to your habits can do wonders for your overall health. You will feel young, stable and fit no matter how old you are.