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How To Craft An “About Me” Page?

How To Craft An “About Me” Page?

The first step in crafting an “about me” page is to make it a personal narrative instead of as a third person. The “about me” page introduces who you are and what your website is all about.  It is also one of the most visited pages on a website.

Before you start writing, it is important to know who your audience is and the prospective readers that you hope to connect with. This lets you understand what you want to communicate and the information that you want them to know about you. As you start to introduce yourself, make sure to include information focused on who, what, where, when, and why.

Who – this is the audience that you are targeting based on the content of your website

What – write about the topics that you are interested in, share what you make or do or sell that makes you unique from other bloggers

Where – share where you are from and the background of your journey

When – when did you start this idea; when did you aspire to create your website

Why – explain the reason why you started your blog and website; explain the purpose and mission of the goals that you want to achieve

These are the most important information that readers need to know and the best way of doing this is by telling it in a story that is relatable. Write it in a personal way and talk in plain English. You have to keep your scope narrow and it must be relevant. You do not want readers to get bored with too much detail that doesn’t relate to your niche and persona.

Your “about me” page should set you apart from your competitors. Readers will want to know why you are the best page for them to discover and why you are important for them. They will want to know what you can offer.

Aside from telling your story through words, build trust by sharing pictures of you and your family. Tell them how you can help them, what services you provide, and solutions that have worked for you. Write your “about me” page as if you were talking right in front of your reader and introducing yourself for the first time.

As your readers get to know you and your website, give them an opportunity to contact you if needed. You can provide an email address, contact link, social media, or comment section.  Most importantly, let them know that you will give your honest opinion and that you’re a real person that is always available to turn to.

So there you have it. Share us your thoughts in the comments below and thank you for reading!

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