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How to Create a Party Playlist That Keeps Guests on Their Feet

How to Create a Party Playlist That Keeps Guests on Their Feet

Do you have an upcoming party that you need some dance music for? Are you wanting to keep them all on the dance floor the entire night? If so, then you need to learn what goes into a killer playlist.

Creating a dynamite party music playlist is no easy task. It requires making a list of songs, each of which appeals to a broader base of people. Nothing makes people leave the dance floor faster than a song they don’t know or like.

See here for several tips you can use to make an amazing party playlist. Be sure to follow each step to a “T”.

  1. Use YouTube Videos

Probably not what you were expecting on a list of how to make a dynamite dance playlist, right? However, some experienced DJs will tell you that they use YouTube for several reasons.

YouTube is the outlet that a lot of up and coming artists and DJs use to push their music out to the world. DJs like to show off their skills by remixing top chart songs or mash them up with other hit songs.

You can search on YouTube to find different mash-up songs that you like, research how to save as mp3, then add them to your playlist.

You can also use this to download live versions of songs, different sound bites to use in your music, and so much more!

  1. Pepper in a Bit of Everything

The best dance playlists are the ones that pepper in a few different genres. While you might be playing ROCKSTAR by DaBaby and Roddy Ricch one second, you’ll be playing the cha-cha slide the next.

It keeps your guests on their toes, keeping them engaged and giving them the adrenaline to keep going. If you play one genre for too long, it will become repetitive and people will leave the dance floor song by song.

So… what should you include? That depends on your audience. What age groups will be there? What music do they like? Are they familiar with the classics? Is there any genre that will turn them off?

Use those factors to determine what songs you can include. Most people will keep dancing even if they don’t know the song, so don’t overthink it too much.

  1. Build Around Playlist Staple Songs

Believe it or not, everyone that’s going to a party where there’s dancing (such as a wedding reception or local bar) has certain songs they’re hoping you’ll play. 

These songs are commonly referred to in the music industry as “playlist staple songs” or songs that you’d expect to hear during a dance party. This includes songs such as “Yeah!” by Usher or “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston. 

Your biggest struggle of making this playlist might be knowing where to start. Those playlist staple songs are as good of a place as any!

Start by listing out which staple songs you want to put in your playlist, then be sure to have them equally dispersed throughout the final draft of your playlist.

For example, say you’re wanting to build a playlist that’s 100 songs deep and put 20 staple songs in it. If so, then try putting 4 or 5 songs between each staple song on your playlist.

These songs are great ways to get the party started and bring people back out to the dance floor for their second, third, or even fourth round of dancing.

  1. Don’t Shuffle

Shuffling your party playlist is a dangerous precedent for some of the reasons that have already been mentioned. For example, it might play 3 or 4 rap songs in a row, which will come off as your playlist being repetitive or not creative enough.

Your playlist needs to be more strategic than that. Each song needs to be put in its place in your lineup for a specific reason. This will help you ensure that the playlist skips from genre to genre, keeping people on their toes.

After you’ve created the lineup for your playlist, be sure to put your headphones in and listen to it in its entirety by yourself.

Think through things such as pacing, bouncing from one generation to the next, nostalgia, special requests, pump up songs, and your personal favorites. They all have their place in your playlist, you just need to figure out where that is.

  1. Consider the Setting

At the end of the day, not everyone will approve of every single song you put on your playlist. Don’t go chasing compliments. As long as your playlist sets the mood for the event or occasion, people will give your playlist a thumbs up overall.

For example, if you’re making a playlist for a wedding reception, be sure to throw in songs about love and finding the perfect person.

If you’re making a playlist for a family-friendly event, make sure your songs don’t contain cussing or any offensive lyrics. 

Think about the different age ranges that will be in attendance. What music would they like to hear? What music will make them act silly and get them out of their shell? Those are the types of songs you’re looking for. 

Create a Killer Party Playlist With These Helpful Tips

Now that you’ve seen several ways that you can build your party playlist, it’s time to use those tips to your benefit.

For starters, think through all the must-have songs on your list. Then ask your attendees for any special requests. Before you know it, your playlist will be full of amazing songs.

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