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How to Dress Fabulous for Your BFF’s Wedding?

How to Dress Fabulous for Your BFF’s Wedding?

Dressing for a wedding is never easy. If you have ever attended a wedding, you know that you don’t have to be the bride to feel the stress of choosing the perfect outfit. The pressure is especially on when you are going to your BFF’s wedding. You want to look your best but not too good, or you might upstage the bride. Choosing the perfect outfit can take a lot of time and effort but if you are armed with some good advice, you can be ready in no time at all. Read on and you might even find yourself having fun preparing for your BFF’s wedding.

Plan ahead

Knowing the dress code is important but not enough to be ready for a wedding. If you are going to pick the perfect outfit, you have to consider a lot of other things as well. Start with the basics. Find out what will the weather be like on the day of the wedding. This little piece of information will help you when it comes to the style of dresses you might consider and the style of shoes you will wear. Next, think about the venue. If the wedding is going to be outdoors, you should avoid wearing anything that is not suitable for the wind or high heels. You don’t want to be sinking into sand or grass during the celebration. If the wedding is going to be indoors, you will probably need a more formal outfit. In this case, it is good to know the exact venue because some of them are more formal than others.

Pick the dress

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Your dress is going to be the centerpiece of your look. That is why you should start choosing the gown before anything else. When you know all about the weather and the venue, you can pick a few styles you might want to wear. When it comes to weddings, opting for something flowy and romantic is always a good choice. As for the color choice, avoid white at all costs. Dark colors are okay, especially if you are attending an evening wedding. You will kiss a few frogs… All in all, if you want to make the right choice, you will have to try a few options. The best thing you can do is to search the internet for what you are looking for, order your dresses online, and have your friends help you choose. Invite the bride to have her say as well, as that way you will make sure you’ll choose an appropriate dress. Have a few drinks, a few laughs, and pick the dress without stress.

Build the rest of the outfit around it

Once you have the dress, move on and start the quest for the perfect shoes and accessories that will go with it. Whether you will wear sandals or closed toe shoes depends on the weather as much as your preference, and the research you did in the first step will come in handy here as well. Before you decide on the shoes, remember that weddings tend to last long into the night. You will be on feet dancing the night away, so you are going to need something comfortable. Opt for a sensible height and block heels for more comfort. You can also go in flats, they are elegant and will be more comfortable than almost any heels. You should pick a clutch that matches your shoes, and carry only the essentials in it. Finally remember, no outfit is truly complete without jewelry. Find something that will complement the dress and the shoes but stand out.

Final thoughts

Following this guide will help you make the right choice quickly while having fun along the way, but you should also always stay true to yourself. Don’t let a fancy wedding venue or an overly casual one make you feel like you have to dress in a way you won’t feel comfortable. Consider the dress code as mere guidelines and take it to a place you feel comfortable. That way, you will surely be fabulous on your BFF’s special day.

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